Beethoven for The Ears

The voice over and background music of every video has a huge impact on prospective customers. Usually, this is incorporated near the end of the process. Both audio elements usually come after preparing the storyboard and design of the video in order to match them smoothly.

The power of Trust

A well-chosen voice over has the power to establish trust in the audience. It makes them feel more connected to the message of the video and enhances the Call To Action, if there is one. Before going on, we want to emphasize the importance of clearly determining your targeted audience, in order to get the right tone.  For instance, an energetic voice might be a good choice for promoting products, while a calmer voice might better suit an explainer video or tutorial.

Music and Emotions

Music evokes certain emotions creating synergy alongside the voice over. Consider the following example: you are in a mall, looking for a nice outfit for a partyWhat kind of music would be playing in the retail store? Most likely a rhythmic pop song that triggers a feel-good mood. The same thing happens with videos. Depending on the music you use, certain reactions can be triggered in potential customers. It is interesting to play around with this, utilising music in your favour to capture the right emotions in your video. In the case of a corporate video, it is important to know specifically what you want to convey about your company, to your customer.

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