Current Trends and News in The Video Marketing Industry – All You Need to Know for Your Company

In this post we will look at new developments in the video marketing industry. Even though 2020 started a few months ago, it’s never too late to start following the trends! We’ve made a list with all of this year’s trends, followed by some suggestions on how you can execute them. We at Propulse Video make these amazing videos, check out this post to see why Propulse is the right choice for you!

6 Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2020

  • Live videos and stories: Of course, we all know of this through Instagram and Facebook. People are going live everywhere, and it keeps viewers watching. This makes live streaming very powerful! However the chances of someone watching a one-hour-long live stream later is fairly small. 
  • Shoppable videos: People can buy your product while watching your video promoting said product. This means your company can get direct results that pay off!
  • Interactive 360-degree videos: Through this kind of video you can experience a lot more! Fully immerse your customers inFor example: amazing nature locations, musicals, and sports games!
  • Vlogs: It has been trending for a long time now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon! Vlogs can be posted on platforms including Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Live vlogs are even more popular. 
  • Training and educational videos: These kinds of videos are one of Propulse’s main products and they’re really popular. Most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading huge amounts of text. These videos can thus be useful for e-learning. 
  • Silent videos: You’ve probably seen it on various social media platforms; videos without sound and with subtitles. This may come as a surprise, but people don’t often turn sound on while watching a video. However, they still watch it!

The Main Video Formats to Realise the Trends of 2020

There are different styles you can use for video marketing to present your products or services. These styles help you execute the latest trends.

Live Action

This is shooting a video involving people. If you need a simple and straight-forward video, live action can be quick and cost effective. However if you need something more elaborate, you will need actors who can connect the target audience to the brand, find good locations, add cameras, sound equipment, staff and there can be some editing to do. This can become quite expensive, because it needs to be done very well, or it can have a reverse effect. 

Stock Footage

This is a video we made for PowaIndex, primarily using stock footage. These are clips that can be reused in other videos. These kinds of videos save time and money for shooting new material. 

Motion Graphics

Here is a great example of what we can do using Motion Graphics here at Propulse Video. These are animated videos. This format gets the message across quickly. It demonstrates credibility and professionalism, which makes it the best style for an explainer video. 

Live Streaming

This could be done through Facebook or Instagram. It allows for a lot of audience-interaction and there is no need for expensive equipment. You can do this all by yourself!

Don’t forget, Propulse Video can help you make an amazing video! Feel free to contact our sales team at any time.