How to be confident in front of a camera during an interview?

As you may have understood in our previous blog posts, the use of video marketing is rising. Indeed, more and more companies use it for different purposes – presentation of their activity, the launch of a new product or service. There are several possibilities for a company to use videos as a means of communication and promotion. However, while a video is eye-catching and keeps people interested, producing it is much more complex. Indeed, depending on the type of videos you want to create, it can involve: a design or animations in the case of a motion graphics video; or a film set and actors for a live-action video such as an interview. For the latter, recording can be very complex as it involves real people, that are not especially professional actors, but who need to be trained in order to get the perfect video. 

As we know, that being filmed can sometimes be intimidating when it is not your job, we have made a list of different tips that may help you face the camera more confidently. 

If you want to know how to get prepared before an interview, keep reading the tips are just below.

What are the tips for speech, to give to video interviewees?

  • Prepare yourself: 

You may not know exactly what questions the interviewer will ask. However, you can ask the subject matter of the interview. This is the first step to arrive more confident in an interview because it will be easier to answer questions about something you know. Indeed, knowing the subject will allow you to think about potential answers to questions asked by the interviewer. Thanks to this it will be easier to avoid, for instance, memory lapses – the cause of increasing stress. 

  • Practice yourself: 

Once you know a little about what you are going to talk about, practice is a good way to reduce stress and increase your confidence. Indeed, you can easily practice in front of a mirror or by filming you with your phone, for example. Speaking out loud and looking at yourself will for sure help you before the interview. It will also train you to look in front of you and not at your feet which would be a shame if you do this during the interview. Indeed nobody wants to watch an interview when the interviewee is not looking at you. Keeping your eyes focused on either the camera or the interviewer will ensure professionalism and confidence from you. 

  • Watch your words: 

Everything that you will say is recorded. To ensure that your ideas and says represent perfectly what you think, go straight to the point, avoid lingo, … This will ensure that you do not lose yourself in your story, and that your ideas are clear and concise.   

But once again, you can easily avoid this if you prepare your ideas before!

Are there any other tips to take into account for the interview?

There are many tips you may want to consider before you go on an interview. Indeed, in addition to the tips we gave you previously to help you prepare your speech, your mind, and attitude during the interview, there are more visual tips that you can use. 

  • Sophisticated but simple: 

During the interview, we will not only see your face but also a part of your body or even entirely. That’s why, you may need to be good looking without extra bling bling. Dress yourself sophisticated but avoid too many colors or patterns that could disturb the audience. Also, the way you dress depends on the kind of interview you will assist in. However, in any case do not come in sweatpants, it is not professional at all. Also, as strange as it may seem, avoid the total white look, because usually studios use a white background for interviews and in this case it won’t show you off. 

This is also applicable for makeup. We know that you want to be good looking in front of a camera and not look tired. However, this is not a reason to look like a paint can. Keep it simple! You can add blush on your cheek to enhance the complexion and powder to mattify it because the lights and heat can impact your complexion on the camera. 

  • Body gesture: 

As surprising as it could be, your body tells a lot more about your feelings than you think. For instance, having your arms crossed means that you are stressed, closed within yourself, and not open to dialogue. For an interview, you would like to show the exact contrary. That is why even if it is not a pleasant moment don’t let yourself suffer the situation. Relax your body and mind, by breathing. 

*little tip: the square breathing that consists of breathing, holding breath, exhaling slowly, holding breath, and this for the same duration (4 seconds each)  can be a good exercise for a stress reliever.

In addition to this, you have to sit up straight and back in the chair. Did you know that sitting on the edge of a chair is seen as a wish to leave and escape the situation? This is not what you want to show for sure! Also, avoid shifty eyes – a sign of unease. 

The most important: don’t let stress control you but relax! You have to do this interview with pleasure and avoid panic engulfing you. Don’t forget to smile! 

We are here for you!

We have given you different tips that we hope will help you face the camera. If you need professional teams to make a video interview, we, at Propulse Video, ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is at ease. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to create your interview video.