How To Create a Relevant Explainer Video

So far, we discussed many topics regarding video content and marketing, among other things. We have been giving you interesting tips and insights about videos and its industry. In this post, we decided to talk more deeply about how to approach your explainer videos and how you can ensure they will successfully transmit your message and reach your goals. 

Even though Video Marketing studios will be in charge of everything, we think it is important for you to know how we take action and the reasons behind the design decision, animation and implementation of the vision of the client. More than 1000 clients have already collaborated with us, giving them incredible results that you can check in our Vimeo account. They appreciated the feedback our Project Managers kept giving them throughout the length of the project. So let’s get started!

5 Main Things To Think About


The first step is to understand what is the main purpose of the video. Explainer videos are not meant to be only for promote products/services, some clients that we had, such as Nespresso wanted us to create a tutorial for one of their campaigns. In other words, it is important that you and the design team have a clear understanding about the brand image of the company, and the main objective of the video. Once you know this, it’s way easier to define the design and style of the video.


This is more part of our job. Our designers and animators need to find an effective way to convey the message. The more information we have from you, the easier it is to have a good design and storytelling (spending less time!) for the explainer video. In other words, you narrow down the many ideas that we can have, and start the script as soon as possible. Something that helps us to deliver a better result is to do some market research, so it is easier to understand the product/services. Has mentioned in our first post of explicative videos, knowing who is going to be the target audience is really helpful as well.


Once the script has been prepared, the designers and animators need to think how to implement all your ideas and objectives to fulfill into the video. The style must portray your company’s brand image. We have to consider the maximum duration of the explainer video, what specific elements do you want to appear in there and put our “Propulse touch” of expertise.


It is important to not over-extend too much the duration of the explainer video. Even though it might be weird to hear this from the side of the Video Marketing company, we always recommend the videos to be as short as possible. For two main reasons :

    • It helps to not lose the focus of the video. If an explainer video is too long, the target audience will either get bored and skip the video or won’t get the main idea.
    • It saves some extra unnecessary costs! If you don’t have much budget available, it is better to keep things slightly shorter. We already created many excellent explainer videos for many of our clients that are not longer than a minute.

Feedback and attention to detail

Do not worry if you find something that does not fully convince you! Don’t hesitate to explain all your requests to our project managers during the process. We love to do 10/10 work, so all our team works tirelessly to deliver it.

Better Together

In Propulse’s culture, we want to create a collaborative environment with our clients, and work together to create the best possible explainer videos ever. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us and don’t forget to check out our website!