How to Create the Perfect Product Video & What to Look Out For

A Product Video has to Have a Clear Goal

When producing a product video it is always important to keep your companies goal in mind. This could be for example to build more brand awareness in your industry. Or, maybe, to explain specific features of a new product that need a more detailed explanation. But it could also be to generate more leads for your company or to push the sales of your product. Each of these scenarios needs a little different video than the others to achieve the optimal results. Hence why it is important to reflect clearly before you start the production what the goal is for this specific video. 

Important to Identifiy the Target Audience of your Product Video

Each and every video should be made for a certain audience. The closer you modify and individualise your video, the higher are your chances of generating exactly the reaction you wish for. This could be increased sales or a higher brand awareness. Therefore you have to keep not only the video goal in mind but also who that goal is relating to. Do you want to get the attention of the sales representatives of another company? Do you want to attract consumers that might be needing your product? This is another important question to think about before production starts. 

Why is Video so Important in Modern Marketing

Video use is booming. Nowadays it is very hard to keep people’s attention without one. Consumers use video platforms more than ever before and video has an incredible ability to push your conversion rates. You can convey more information in less time – And you have a higher chance of connecting with the viewer than if the information was shared in written form. Video is the future of modern marketing. It should therefore be a no-brainer when it comes to deciding whether to use it for your company or not.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Product Video Even More Successful

As in every other product, quality pays off. It might be tempting to try to create your video yourself or to produce it cheaply. However, a cheap looking video often has the opposite effect to a normal video – It does not attract but appall potential customers. A professional production company on the other hand has a lot of experience concerning a consistent video style. They know how to incorporate your corporate colours or a specific theme. It is better to choose experts and spend a bit more money on your video, than to produce it cheaply and waste your money and time.


If you would now like to start producing your very own video, feel free to contact our sales team. Or, if you would like to learn more about why videos are so beneficial to a companies internet presence, read our blogpost about it.