New generations, New habits

With the arrival of the new decade, big changes also arrived. It has been clear that the paradigm is changing as new technology advances are developed. The new generations, starting from the millennials till the recently proclaimed “TikTokers generation” are showing a clear preference for streaming platforms, social networks and video content. The addition of technology for basically everything in our daily lives (Google home, projectors, having access to personal laptops in school, etc) is having a great impact especially on the youngest. For example, just by seeing the first chart that shows the use of TV per age range, the people between 15-24 y/o are the ones that have a clear tendency to not use TV as often as older people. This, for sure, also makes a huge impact in the companies’ approach about Marketing.

Use of the TV, by age group

From analogic... to stream

Back in the 20th century, the TV was already something revolutionary and after some decades, was accessible for families after some decades. TV was something that was present in the daily life of everyone thanks to the standardization of the process. So you can perfectly picture the scene of little kids from the 80’s singing a commercial TV spot at school. Companies tried to advertise through print media, street ads, sponsors and especially TV. Check out our post about print media visual to have more knowledge about the topic!

The revolution of the Internet led to personal computers/laptops, smartphones after some devices, facilitating our access to knowledge. Nowadays we have access to any kind of information  just by checking our smartphone. While in the past commercials on TV were really attractive for companies to promote their activities, now ads in websites, YouTube and social media are more effective for many different target groups (see graphic 2). The Millenials and other new generations practically grew/are growing up with the technology present.

Percentage of U.S. internet users who use YouTube as of 3rd quarter 2019, by age group

Therefore, video content in social networks is something that has become really prominent in the current business paradigm. Businesses now are re-thinking their marketing and branding strategy to focus more on dynamic content, that is more in touch with the current trends. Propulse video is specialized in creating this kind of content in different formats, being really versatile in the type of business. As a video marketing studio, we invite you to check our Vimeo and Youtube profiles to illustrate this better. Check out our posts about explainer videos to have a clear insight about how it can be helpful for you.

Adaptability is the key, Video Marketing is the tool

Nevertheless, the changes nowadays are coming at a faster rate, since technology adds an exponential change to our daily lives. Adaptability has become a key factor for businesses. That’s why at Propulse we have expertise in many different industries, to be able to attend to any of your demands in any specific scenario. With video marketing, you can present your ideas in a more captitative way. If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! If you want to know more about a day in the life of our project managers, please check out the following post.