Story Time: The creation of the Propulse Video agency

You may be wondering about the story of our business. How was Propulse Video born? Where did the idea come from? Why? In this blog post, we are going to reveal some Propulse Video story elements. We hope you are curious to know us better and learn more about us. We are very excited to share that with you and to get you to discover more. Let’s go!


The story started thanks to our two co-founders, Charles Moriceau and Erwan Drouet. The two friends are Parisians as graduates from a business school. They both moved to Barcelona in 2014 and 2015 to start a new adventure: entrepreneurship. 


To start this story, Charles and Erwan had the idea to create a video marketing production agency: Propulse Video slowly but surely came about. Indeed, at Propulse, we produce explainer videos for companies in motion design 2D, 3D, or live-action. Our main goal is to present them in a creative and engaging way. We are specialized in short explainer videos and animated videos because we think they are perfect to promote a company, a product, or a service. We take care of everything in the creation process, from beginning to end.


Did you know that the average attention of a user on a website is only 8 seconds? That’s why visitors on your website don’t have time to read every paragraph to understand your services. This is the reason why we create animated videos. You can then publish them on your home page, to promote your activity. Every video is specially designed to captivate the attention of your visitors while explaining your services. Through the use of marketing principles and scripting, our videos prove that they: 

– Increase the conversion rate of your website

–  Decrease your bounce rate

 – Improve your Google referencing (SEO)

All of our clients agree that using animation videos is the best marketing investment they have ever made.


Propulse story’s started in 2016, as a very young, dynamic, and multicultural startup. For over a year now, since February 2019 to be precise, we have been happy to be part of the TransPerfect family. This multinational company specializes in business solutions, especially translation. 


Our office is currently located in Barcelona, Spain since it is a real talent pool in the video and animation industry. As you know, we joined the TransPerfect family over a year ago. This has enabled us to expand our activity internationally, thanks to our representatives present all over the world. 

So far, we have made videos in more than 15 countries and 3 continents, in several languages. This is also our strength: we adapt perfectly to the company and its needs! 

The story continues

Here are some key points from the history of Propulse Video. If you want to know more about Propulse Video, feel free to contact us via our different platforms! We hope to continue producing videos and develop lots of projects, to keep on writing our story… Who knows, your company may be next to benefit from our services…