The Creation Process in Video Marketing Studios

First steps of the Creation Process

First of all, no need to worry! You will not have to design the whole video by yourself – At Propulse Video, there are more Video Marketing companies that are willing to help you  develop your projects! Let’s dive into the process together, shall we?

Just before we start, if you missed our last post on explainer videos, you can find it here.

Prior to thinking about which video style to choose, it is really important to have a clear idea about your target audience. Without this, it is going to be difficult to develop good storytelling and achieve the objective of the video. Here are a couple of important points that will give you some insights to the process:

Explain a complex idea concisely

Remember when we were in school and had a lot of presentations to do for different classes? At first, it was not easy to know how to improve them, it was more “fail – try again next time”. What probably happened for most of us is that we didn’t take into consideration the length of our presentation or the audience’s existing knowledge about the topics. Long-winded presentations and a monotone voice undoubtedly bored our classmates and teachers. Familiar feedback from teachers may have been something like “Try to make the presentation clear, so clear that even someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic can understand it and be interested”. Well, that’s exactly how it should be; besides, people tend to lose focus rather quickly, so it’s important to communicate efficiently.

Encourage the audience to do something (call to action)

This may be obvious, but it is really important to clearly define what you want to achieve: To reflect on a certain topic? To contact you? To take specific action? This also helps our creative team, as the more information you provide them with, the better they can offer you what you really want.

Nevertheless, video marketing companies normally take care of every step of the process. With our comprehensive questionnaire detailing aspects including scope and tone, and some guidance, Propulse Video is able to create the perfect script for your company. Our Project Managers consistently ask for your feedback each step of the way to ensure that the video will match your expectations. We’ll take care of everything, so you and your company have fewer things to worry about.

Main Steps in The Creation Process at Propulse Video

No matter what type of video you choose, these 4 categories what we consider vital information:






First rule: the length of a video is not proportional to the amount of work that goes into it. 30s videos can be way more difficult to create than 2min ones. In fact, it’s sometimes harder to condense information into shorter videos! . The final price may or may not be affected by this, but some projects might require more time to develop, so it’s important to have a realistic deadline. The second rule is quite logical, the longer the video, the more expensive it is going to be. Hence it’s really important to decide on the message and objective of your video.


Tell a great story by creating a unique style, one that is consistent with your company’s brand so it can be easily identified by your customers.  The Propulse team will conduct research to learn about your product/service, your target audience and even competitors, to create relevant content. Then, the script is adapted to fit into your desired length, conveying all the emotions and ideas established with you. The script is linked closely with the scenario, which brings us on to the next important part…


Once the previous steps are clear and agreed on, actual production can start. With the storyboard as the blueprint for the final look,our designers create memorable characters that will stick in the minds of your viewers! At Propulse we have our own unique style that has helped many companies stand out. You can check out some examples above!

Voice over and music selection

This part comes near the end, but nonetheless is essential for a perfect production. Selecting the right voice and music helps to bring all the visual elements together, tieing them up neatly for your audience to enjoy.If you want to know more about this particular section, come and have a read of the  next post!

All the steps are carried out in our offices, where we have all the necessary hardware and software to create the best videos!

We are here for you!

The whole process is of course way more complex than what we’ve shown here, but we at Propulse Video have got you covered.  

If you would like to get started on producing the perfect video for your company now, please do not hesitate to contact us!