The Importance of Animation in Explainer Videos

Video as a marketing tool becomes more popular, but also more important. In this post you can read more about why media marketing is getting more essential in comparison to text marketing. Therefore, an explainer video with animation is an amazing way to show your target audience who you are, where you stand for, what you do and how you can solve the customer’s problem. This all in just a short video, why shouldn’t your public want to watch it? They press play for sure!

Why an Explainer Video?

It definitely increases your conversion rates and the video, of course, can clarify your products message. For this reason, explainer videos boost your sales and people are more likely to buy a product once they have seen an accompanying explainer video. If you want to know more about explainer videos check out this blog!

Why Animation?

Now we have arrived at the point that we will explain why you should choose animation for your explainer video.

1. Your product is difficult to explain, present and sell through other kinds of videos. 

In animation, it is easier to explain complicated content or processes. 

Moreover, the main advantage of animation over a real life video is that any information and products can be visualized with the help of animation. Like with this video for Intract Pharma, for example.

2. Lively animated characters in explainer videos can be eye-catching cartoons and they can trigger strong emotions.

Consequently, this can create a very special atmosphere that engages an audience and captures their attention.  When the story is easy, interesting and has positive feelings the information is more likely to remember.

Furthermore, explainer videos that are made with animation are less associated to be a marketing tool. Accordingly, this is why people watch your videos – Because they are less annoying than other advertising materials. These images are from our video for

3. Animation is not limited to scripts.

In an animated explainer video the character can do everything you want them to do and it does not matter where! They can fly, dance, sing and wear what you want them to wear, while this can take place in any historical period and at any location.

 Therefore, your story and video are unique. That is why this is such an ideal way to present your product! And this is exactly what we wanted for our Creation Process video.

To sum this up, by using an animated explainer video you can communicate easily complicated information to your customers. You can create amazing videos that can evoke an audience’s emotions. After this, the most important point is that it sure improves your sales!