The Importance of Videos Nowadays Given in Statistics

Youtube, Vimeo, and even social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, all release tons of videos every day. Videos are the present substitute for writing. Nowadays, video is very trendy in social networks. You can do everything with this tool. In just a short video you can simply convey a message that may seem complicated to explain. Indeed, you can also make your audience understand it, get people’s attention, make them laugh, cry, …Everything is possible as long as you know exactly what you would like to communicate. The different statistics given below will help you understand the importance of videos nowadays.

How influential are videos in the personal and professional life?

Videos in Society:

The importance of the audiovisual has been rising over the years due to new technologies. For instance, it is now so easy to watch a short video at any time, anywhere, and on any device. Indeed, the internet makes them available on a lot of different platforms. 

According to Forbes, “By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic”. And this number is just one among others. There is a significant amount of videos online. It is predicted that it would take someone 5 million years to watch every online video. To clarify this notion, someone can’t watch all videos available on the internet, during their life.

As we mentioned in this blog post, the rise of social media has changed our way of living. Indeed, our daily life is rhythmed by new trends; and new technologies are (a big) part of them. That said, it is not surprising that among people from 15 to 25 years old, 81% spend time on YouTube watching videos. However, videos are not popular only among younger generations. In fact, 58% of people of more than 56 years old also use YouTube. New technologies, thus, have changed our societies making them more connected, more digital, and more virtual. 

But what about Videos in businesses? 

As we said previously, societies are evolving with new trends and new technologies. However, not only people have to follow them if they want to stay trendy, but companies as well. Indeed, videos are now very helpful to grow your business and brand image. Thanks to them, you can convey a message in a creative and engaging way. For instance, explainer videos for the presentation of products and services attract more and more people. They also influence their decision-making process. In fact, according to Hubspot, 90% of users say that “product videos are helpful in the decision process”. Also, 64% of users “are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video”

With these statistics, you may have understood that videos are the perfect ally for everyone who would like to communicate in an attractive and creative way. This is also the perfect tool to get your clients’ attention from the beginning to the end of the presentation.

To stay trendy, think social media!

We all know the importance of social media nowadays. Indeed, they gather more than 3 billion users, each sharing their life with the rest of the world. To share your life on the internet has become something usual. However, behind this, there is the wish of gaining more and more followers. Thus, it would be a genius idea for a company to create its account. Social media can help you grow your renown! Moreover, video content is more and more shared on social media through vlogs, stories, or IGTV on Instagram. That said, to create your company’s video and share it on social media is the perfect combination if you want to increase your activity.

Did these statistics help you make up your mind?

Finally, we all know that creating a video is a financial investment. However, the benefits you will get from its use are so significant that they will compensate for your investment quickly. That’s why, if you want to stay up-to-date, you should really think about creating a video. We, at Propulse Video, are here to create your dreamed-video. Don’t hesitate and contact us!