Training videos over in-person trainer – what you need to know!

    As we keep saying in our blog, new technologies are omnipresent in our societies, and video marketing is more and more used in businesses as an external communication tool. However, it is not obvious for many people but videos can also be used for internal communication. Indeed, you can easily use videos to report on a conference, meetings, news, and update within your company. You can even use them to introduce new employees or to train your teams. While we usually think of hiring trainers directly, training videos can be a real substitute for it. They offer a lot of advantages that we are about to tell you.

Training videos - Why should you get one for your business?

Videos are flexible:

As we told you previously, videos can be used for very different purposes. As a means of communication, promotion, but also to introduce new employees, or to train them. The main advantage that videos have over other means of communication is that they can be used over and over again. And this will have an impact on your budget! While every time you need an in-person trainer, you need to pay for their work, you will not have to do this for a video. Indeed, once you pay for your video to be created, it is fully yours and you can do whatever you want with it. It does not have a limited time for use, for instance.

Thus, you may think, at first, that videos are much more expensive than an in-person trainer, if you calculate well your expenses, you realize that they are not. You will only notice their high cost in the short term because its use in the long term will quickly compensate for your investment. 

What is better than explaining something in a creative and engaging way?

We are all aware that people’s attention is more and more limited and it is hard to stay focused on something for a long time. This can become a real issue when you call on someone to train your employees. If we think about this, it can even be a waste of time and money! It is useless to pay someone if your employees do not pay attention. And then – videos!

Nowadays, audiovisual content has taken the step over any other means of communication, and people are attracted to it. Videos manage to captivate people with their sounds, visuals, or designs. They interest us, they captivate us, and even sometimes we are fascinated by the design. Moreover, videos are not only visuals but sounds. That’s why you can also integrate sounds that will get people’s attention. You can also add iconographic and written elements to highlight important notions for instance. 

ATAWAD: any time, anywhere, any device

What is incredible with new technologies is that they are accessible almost everywhere. You just need an electronic device and sometimes WIFI (depending on what you want to do). That said, you understand that the use of training videos is a huge advantage. Indeed, your employees would have access to them everywhere. At home, at work, on the bus, on their computer, phone, tablets, … everything would be possible once you share the video with them. Your employees will, thus, be able to watch training videos whenever they want. This will improve a better understanding of what is said because their attention will be fully dedicated to the video (which would potentially not be the case with an in-person trainer). 

In this sense, you should really think about investing in a training video. It offers so many possibilities of use that it will quickly compensate for your investment. Videos are versatile and accessible everywhere that they make it easy for your employees to learn and train themselves. Moreover, the different elements that compose your videos will facilitate the learning process and make it more pleasant. 

Do you need help?

You would like to create your training videos but do not know how to do it? Conveniently enough, this is part of our work to guide you during the creation process. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will discuss your project together and offer you our best services.