Want to Build Brand Awareness? A Promotion Video is What Your Company Needs!

A Promotion Video Makes Your Company Approachable

A promotion video is an essential element in growing your business. This is because it portrays your company in the way you want to be perceived, helping to shape your image. In today’s society, it’s impossible to control all of the information available about a company; there’ll be positives and negatives. So it’s doubly important to ensure your image is the best it can be.

Promotion videos help to leave a great impression on customers. Humans are sentient beings and our ability to empathise is enhanced with film. This works for both B2B and B2C companies. Emotions factor into all our decision processes, no matter if you consider yourself more logical or emotional. If your company seems friendly and approachable, you have a higher chance of being chosen over competitors – it’s all about having that slight edge. 

What You Have to Keep in Mind Before Producing A Promotion Video

Promotion videos are a highly unique type of video. Many people in your company will be interested in the production details and will want to give input. This is because the film represents all of you and will be what the world sees. Promotion videos usually require longer production times and more changes than a usual video. You have to carefully define your target audience, the purpose and style of the video. All of this can take up to six months in production.

It’s important to know when a promotion video isn’t the best choice for your company; if you want to convey a lot of information or explain a process, another format may be more suitable. A promotion video is solely for, guess what, promotional purposes. Factual information can be briefly included but it should not be the focus. Promotion videos tell an authentic story of your company’s culture and soul.

A Promotion Video is Your Company’s Virtual Business Card

All promotion videos are highly personalised and high stakes, so you’ve got to have people who know exactly what they’re doing. We have designers, animators and project managers who are all experts in this field. They will help to create the best possible video for your company, guiding you in deciding how to include your corporate colours or how to achieve the perfect script. Not sure whether to incorporate older company footage? Or if animations in the video would make sense? With Propulse Video, you will be in good hands.

People are naturally intrigued by the behind-the-scenes, curious about how a company functions. A promotion video shows your customers that they are not dealing with just another cold corporation, but with real humans. The live footage helps to carry a more personal tone. 

Promotion videos are versatile and useful. You can post the finished video on your website, on LinkedIn or even screen it at fairs and other events  – it’s definitely a worthy investment. You can contact our team to get started now! We also produce explainer videos and you can read more about them on this blog post.