Beethoven for the ears

The voice and the background music of every video has a huge impact on prospects. Usually, this is one of the last steps of the process. Both the voice and music usually come after preparing the sketch and design of the video, in order to match them easily.

The power of trust

A convincing voice has the power to establish trust in the audience. It makes them feel more connected to the message of the video, and enhances a call-to-action. Before further going, we want to emphasize the importance of choosing well the targeted audience. It is required in order to find the right voice. The vital factors we have to take into consideration regarding the voice are: the tone of the narrator and the pace they have. An energetic voice might be interesting for product videos, while a more calm and quiet voice might fit an explainer video or tutorial. Usually, this is outsourced to independent actors of the voice industry.

Music and emotions

On the other hand, music facilitates the transmission of emotions and adds a pace to the video, creating a synergy alongside the voice. Think about the following example: You are in a mall. You are looking for a nice outfit for your birthday, and you enter a clothing store. What kind of music would be playing? Most likely a rhythmic pop song that triggers customers’ good mood. The same happens with explainer videos. Depending on the music you use, it will trigger certain reactions on your potential customers. It is interesting to “play” with this in your favour considering the emotions you want to capture in your video. In the case of a corporate video, it is important to know what you want to specifically transmit to your customer about your company.

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Spoilt for Choice

So, you have come to the decision to go with the time and use video for pushing your company’s popularity. But where to go from here? What would be the benefits for your business when choosing one type of video compared to another? Our team of experts can help you.

Visual against Written Marketing

Text may seem like the stronger one of the both pairs, it covers the worlds of digital and print media alike – but video will slowly but surely take out the bigger opponent. It goes with the time and trends and it is vital for companies to register and acknowledge this trend and step up their advertisement accordingly.

The Creation Process in Video Marketing Studios

Explainer Videos have a lot of work behind in their creation, it is not a simple process. Defining a strategy is required beforehand to enhance the final result. In this article we are going to disclose the process and give you some interesting tips you probably don’t know about!

2 Questions You Probably Have About Explainer Videos

One among the multiple types of video we produce at Propulse Video is the explainer video format. The business paradigm has been changing over the last years, as well as the way companies present their products. Explainer videos are really helpful to present products successfully, in a dynamic and creative way.