4 Types of Video Marketing

4 Types of Video Marketing

The potential of video marketing is known to be huge, but what possibilities are actually hidden behind this modern advertising tool? The 4 most important types of video marketing are presented in the following to show which advantages your company can gain with the help of videos.

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos teach the viewer something new. This type of video therefore helps to build trust between your company and your target audience, as it portrays you as an expert in the industry. This category in your video marketing strategy can be further divided into:

Tutorial videos give you the opportunity to not only showcase your brand and products in the best light, but at the same time explain people how to best use them. Many home furnishing stores are embracing this concept, for example, by showing how to use their products in DIY projects.

By posting industry update videos, you can show your understanding of the current trends in your industry. This can help you gain more credibility and build additional levels of trust between your business and your customers. Plus, this type of video marketing can help both you and your customers stay informed and on the cutting edge – whether it is a new technological breakthrough or a trend affecting your industry or possibly most of the world. Some tech companies have dedicated playlists of different industry updates on their YouTube channels.

Educational videos are designed to simplify and illustrate product instructions, services, processes, or other complicated topics. Typically, this type of video is animated and lasts no longer than a few minutes.

2. Corporate Culture Videos

Videos about the company culture should always be produced with a focus on the company’s mission and values and help to get a good impression of the company’s personality. Good productions build trust between companies and the public and also help recruit quality employees if the company can present itself as a good place to work. Here are a few examples of corporate culture videos:

Event videos can reveal a lot about a company without many words. A big company party can show how happy your employees are within the company, a conference held with speeches from industry experts can convey authority and motivation, and a video showing your team engaging in community services conveys dedication to the community.

Brand videos give employees from all hierarchical levels of the company the opportunity to get in front of the camera and talk about the company’s mission and values. This can be about dedication to customer satisfaction or even their own history with the company. Brand videos should be used to highlight the company’s uniqueness and show why customers should choose your company over your competitors. Currently, many companies present their sustainable initiatives in their brand videos.

3. Product Videos

Within the video marketing strategy, product videos help to present your products or services and to arouse the interest of potential customers. You can be creative in the way you present your product.

Product demo videos help viewers understand the product by explaining how to use it or highlighting special features – whether through narrative or visual explanation.

Product launch videos can help generate a hype for new product launches. Whether you choose to focus on new features or tell the story of how the product came to life, the important thing is to get people excited and curious. Live launch videos are also becoming more and more important.

4. Testimonial Videos

Using testimonials in your video marketing strategy shows the popularity of your business. Combined with other content, this type of video helps create trust – because if people are singing your praises, your company must be good, right?

Customer testimonials are perfect for guiding potential customers from the consideration phase to the purchase phase. After all, the testimonials shown have been through the same decision-making process and have chosen your product. Such encouraging words from existing customers are a key advantage over the competition when someone is researching different products.

Employee testimonials are the best people to talk about what it is like to work for your company. Not only can trust be built through this, but job candidates can already meet their future work colleagues at the same time through this type of video marketing. By adding clips of office spaces and events, you allow them to get to know the company even better.

Reading through these 4 different types of video marketing, you have probably discovered one or two opportunities for your business. So start creating your own video marketing strategy to explain your products and services, inspire the public with your company culture, recruit qualified new employees and gain the trust of potential customers.

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