6 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Crucial In 2022

Video Is Here To Stay

To say that videos are a hype is almost an understatement. While the popularity and usage might be growing like it would in a hype, we know that it is a development. The difference? A development is here to stay. Thus, organizations should be aware of this helpful tool. Learn more about how using videos can help you! Here are six of the key benefits of video marketing.

1. Videos Boost Conversions and Sales

Videos will bring money to your business. For instance, putting a product video on your landing page can increase the conversion rate up to 80%. 

When our Propulse team makes a video for you, we do everything in our power to make sure that the video will be positively received by your public regardless of the category you are in.

Studies indicate that videos could result in direct sales as more than 70% of users who are exposed to an explainer video of a product/service bought it afterward.

This could be explained by the fact that vision is the most dominant sense when catching information. As a result, most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Pictures alone can result in an engagement boost. Moving pictures should have at least the same effect, if not better.

2. Videos Will Build Trust - And ROI

Studies also say that more than 80% of businesses claim to have a good return on investment on their videos.

Moreover, It should be a no brainer that trust is a key foundation to conversions and sales. But earning the trust of your consumer could be quite a challenge and should be one of the main objectives of your company. Using content marketing that will aim to earn consumers trust is a very common tool. Creating trust will result in long term relationships and thus, more profit.

Video marketing can earn that trust as it can engage us and emit emotions. Even if some consumers are still skeptical about buying product and services from an internet ad they saw because they think that it’s a fraud, promotional videos of one’s brand can still earn that trust with different techniques that are available thanks to the freedom that the video format offers, for instance, they could turn the video into a conversational form which could create a sensation of individualism in viewers which is why more than 50% of consumers agree to say that videos help them to create the confidence they needed in the brand in order to make online purchases.

3. Videos Are Good For Your SEO

SEO should also be one of your objectives if you want your company to be successful. SEO is important for your business, visibility is vital to obtain and retain relevancy among the crowded seas of business. If you want to stand above your competition, you need your SEO to be on point.

Videos are extremely helpful in this matter. They also make your visitors spend more time on your website. Hitting two birds with one stone, as longer exposure will build trust in viewers – and be a signal to search engines that your website provides good content.

4. Videos Are Appealing to Mobile Users

Up to 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. This is due to people liking to watch videos on the go and smartphones having become the standard. The result of this is that video consumption on mobile rises 100% every year.

Moreover, Google states that smartphone users are more likely to feel a personal connection with your brand if they see it through their phone instead of TV. 

Therefore, brands need to be aware of the experience that people have with their brand. Make sure to offer a mobile friendly experience with lots of videos.

5. If It's Hard To Explain, Make A Video

The endless opportunities offered by the video format make it a unique medium. The combination of engaging visuals with an informative voice over enable you to explain complex concepts in an easy way. You can take complicated subjects, break them down, and deliver them in a video that will be easier to understand than any text that could be written.

6. People Will Share Your Video Marketing Content

Nowadays, nobody has the time to read long descriptions or service explanations. This is why videos are so appealing to the modern consumer: It’s easy to consume.

Video marketing can engage with a large audience.

Now, remember that this large audience is present in social media, which conveniently allows them to share videos with other users through Facebook, Instagram stories, LinkedIn stories, these platforms are all about video content, as they encourage users to create their videos to share them afterward.

If you were hesitant to invest in video marketing before, don’t be! You might be missing a huge opportunity to improve your visibility.


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