7 Reasons Why E-Learning Is A Must Have For Your Company

The strengths of e-learning in 7 points

E-learning has evolved massively over the last few years. It has become a common practice for companies to train their employees via the internet, from their workstations or from home. Managers have realized the many benefits of training their employees via e-learning. Which increased it’s popularity even further. But what are these benefits?

1. It's practical

The ease of access to information. It’s enough to have a computer and an access to internet. That is enough for the employee to connect to a platform and access the modules that interest him.

2. The learning speed is set by the user

The user can set the time at which he/she will connect to the platform. Research has shown that this method has a positive impact on stress reduction and increases user satisfaction. Consequently, this also has a positive impact on user learning. Thus, the benefits of self-paced learning are efficiency, effectiveness and convenience.

3. Effectiveness is established by your company

Online training will be able to reduce the impact of training on the working time of trainers and employees alike. At the same time, the cost related the training efforts (materials, travels, and catering which are usual costs for traditional training) will be eliminated. Employees just need their computer and an access to internet.

Training magazine states that you can save 80 % of printing cost. The reduction of costs in general represent one of the biggest advantages of e-learning.

The company will also become greener at the same time since the ecological footprint will be reduced.

4. An optimal learning environment

E-learning is able to reduce the learning time by 60% compared to more traditional learning methods. 

One of the reasons for this faster learning speed is that e-learning removes a barrier for many employees: the fear of making mistakes. Instructors agree that this is a barrier because they are not actively participating because of this fear, which reduces their learning speed. E-learning solves this problem by providing an opportunity for the employee to fail in what he would consider a safe environment, as no one will be able to judge his mistakes.

5. More suitable topics

Online Training often uses videos, interactive content that boosts employees engagement and facilitates learning, helping employees retain key information. This is especially true for modules on learning new software, compliance procedures or reference guides. In addition, the e-learning modules are valid 24 hours a day worldwide. This ensures that your employee can access the training wherever they are and whenever they please.

Digital learning can be designed in such a way that online collaboration is encouraged. The result is that a well designed E-learning platform. It would allow employees from different countries to contribute to company relevant discussions within the module itself.

This global collaboration is possible because the modules are adaptable for all employees to understand them: Integrate as many languages as necessary.

6. Instant feedback with e-learning

The traditional way of grading exams and providing feedback to employees on their evaluations takes time. This is not the case with e-learning, which is able to give a correction directly. Management can also analyze the data and track the progress of employees.

7. The assurance of constant and standardized training

One of the biggest advantages of e-learning is that all your employees will receive the same training, no matter where they are. A traditional instructor can make things more dynamic and interesting than an e-learning module. However, not all of them can and you cannot ensure that they provide the same quality of instruction. With standardized digital training, you can ensure that your employees will receive the training they need.


The benefits of e-learning are considerable and eminent. Especially when it comes to larger scale enterprises, e-learning is a fundamental tool a company should not miss. However, not only they can profit, SME’s can reap great benefits from moving towards the digital alternative as well.



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