4 Types of Video Marketing

4 Types of Video Marketing

The potential of video marketing is known to be huge, but what possibilities are actually hidden behind this modern advertising tool? The 4 most important types of video marketing are presented in the following to show which advantages your company can gain with the help of videos.


How do you grab attention with video ads?

When was the last time you watched a video on YouTube? Probably not that long ago and you were definitely not the only one on YouTube at that particular time. Spain only has 2.4 million weekly visitors and is the biggest search engine on the planet after Google. And by the time you finish reading this blog there will be approximately sixty hours of new video content on YouTube!

why are subtitles key

Why subtitles are key ?

Video captioning is more relevant than ever. Now going beyond only films and documentaries, as video content is booming on the web. Video today generates over 75% of total Internet traffic. For businesses, video creation has therefore become an absolute must.


Write a Video brief first


Writing a video Brief is your basis when it comes to creating a video script without this you can’t have an overview about the product. Everyone that will work on the video will know what the product will talk about really fast with a video Brief. 

In the brief you should be able to see those key points:


  • What is the purpose of your video?
  • What action would you like your viewers to take?
  • Who is your audience and how they behave ?
  • What value is your video bringing to your audience?
  • What distribution channels are you going to use?
Turn your message into a story

Those questions answered you will have an easier time communicating with your target audience. Then we have to turn the message we want to provide to our customers into a story.  For each video content that you will be creating you will have one story to create in order to explain the core messages of the video. The story needs to be created with a strategy that involves logical progression from point A to B. It needs to be interesting to the point that you will be able to grab the attention of the audience. We have to keep in mind that the story’s goal is always to act like a “Call to action”.
Don’t Just Use Words.

It’s really important to keep on saying the most important message and not be too specialized or too deep into the concept to make the message understandable by everybody and to make sure that the message is kept short and sweet.  It needs to be written seconds by seconds and follow a logical structure.
Do Several Script Readings: Proofread everything


You have to make sure that your script is well written and the story is logical and  is appealing to customers. In order to make this achievable you have to read it multiple times by different people to make sure that the script is clear and without mistakes. Read the script out loud and get feedback from people.


Know your viewer needs and propose a product that suits the needs of the customer. The project manager plays a huge role in this. His job is to respond perfectly our clients needs.


Engage engage engage. Make sure that the customer will like the video and can project himself in order to by the product later.


Conclusion : Take risks in order to be different and don’t hesitate to contact us as we have expertise in this area and can be useful. Here is a sample of our portfolio.