Allianz Partners wanted to address insurance companies and Neobanks looking to improve their range of insurance and assistance services. The insurance sector is not the sexiest, so it was a challenge to deliver their message in an engaging way.

Through this video, we helped Allianz Partners develop its attractiveness on a B2B services catalogue by making the subject likeable. We aimed to immerse the target audience from the first few seconds into the fantastic journey of the character, Mr Stuff Happens, who is undoubtedly not alone in needing insurance on a daily basis... We follow the inconveniences experienced by Mr Stuff Happens and using humour, we showcase how Allianz Assistance services can support clients, and why other organisations would benefit from using their services.




In 2019, the European Commission launches the hashtag #RaiseYourPencil. Through this hashtag, the continental organization aims to raise awareness among the European population about the lack of access to education that many children around the world suffer from. The explanatory video was to be created in less than a month.

Education is a universal right and the European Commission devotes a significant part of its budget to it. Through this video with its original graphic style, the European Commission has found a simple and effective way to convey its emotional message. The use of this sketched design not only appeals to the central theme of the video, children, but also directly correlates to the tagline of the campaign, #RaiseYourPencil.



Audi wanted to introduce a new service that automates the scheduling of service appointments. In order to demonstrate the ease of the new application they were introducing, it was important to present the platform clearly and effectively in order to familiarize users and improve customer experience.

Using clear visuals with a streamlined graphic style adapted to the Audi brand, our video effectively explains how to use the app with straightforward instructions. The new platform is presented in an appealing manner and encourages clients to utilise the application, highlighting Audi’s excellent customer service.



Decathlon wanted to attract intelligent and dynamic individuals to join their IT department. To make the department sexy and appealing, they needed to showcase the exclusive experience of being a part of the company, as well as effectively communicate the requirements for joining the team.

We created 2 videos to show the importance of the IT team and skills needed, with informative visuals which have inspired recruitment: the longer version allows Decathlon to explain in detail the different jobs in their IT department, showcasing the opportunity to join their incredible team of engineers. This video will be broadcasted at all trade shows and during presentations in schools. The short version is intended for social networking sites and the HR website, which gets 1 million hits per month!




In 2020, decided to redefine its marketing strategy in order to reach the maximum number of potential clients. Producing a promotional video was the perfect opportunity for them to develop their visibility in an educational and attractive way.

We worked on an engaging story that puts the client at the heart of the lawyer's concerns. The client-lawyer journey is the focus of this explanatory video, where we see a lawyer who accompanies his client, regardless of his situation and the problems he encounters. The colourful environment and lush landscapes allow the audience to embark on a wonderful adventure.


Life Sciences


Pfizer, the American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, has hundreds of sales representatives around the world. They have created numerous modules but they realised sales needed a much shorter, available tool that they could visualise anywhere anytime, to be used as a refreshment tool.

For that reason, we created 10 Selling Skills Framework Crash course videos, 2 minutes each. We also created 3 x 5 minutes videos this time focused on Virtual Care management. The advantage of these video formats is that we were able to localise them in 6 different languages and make them global in just a month.  The result is that now sales can visualise any of these videos whenever they need it, right before a meeting with one of their clients, depending on which stage they are at and refresh their memory on the best practices in just a couple of minutes. Ultimately boosting sales and therefore allowing Pfizer’s clients (doctors) to take better care of their patients.


Health care


LabCorp suffered two security breaches in one year. In the first one 7.7 million patients had been affected by a credit card data breach of a third-party payments processor. That breach also hit several other laboratory testing companies. Later in the year a security flaw in Labcorps website exposed thousands of medical documents, like test results containing sensitive health data. This is when LabCorp decided they needed to raise awareness over cyber criminality to all their employees around the world. 

We created 26 videos a 3-min for them, each single one highlighting a specific aspect of Cyber security. The topics were broad, from home to office and from children to adults. The aim of these videos was as much raising awareness about threats as educating on how to avoid attacks or how to react adequately if such an attack happened already. We localised all these videos and translated them in 5 different languages to ensure global understanding and, therefore, protection. These videos were uploaded on their LMS in order to track views and ensure every single one of their employees has visualised them.