Spoilt for Choice

Answering the big questions

So, you’ve decided to move with the time and use video-based marketing to push your company’s image. If you’ve read our last blog post, you’ll already know about the rise of video marketing and that your decision to join the growing trend will offer a high return on investment (ROI). But where do you go from here? What are the potential benefits for your business when choosing one type of video over another? Which video types fit best for each use case? You’ll no doubt have plenty of questions before getting started, and luckily our team of experts are on hand to help you pinpoint the best fit for your goals.

How Propulse Video Will Boost Your Company’s Reach

Through the production of a marketing video with Propulse Video, you’ll have direct access to a professional team with effective communication. You are assigned a personal Project Manager, who functions as your main contact for your ideas, and how they should be brought to life through our creative team of designers and animators. With this forming the base of your collaboration, you’ll be free to focus on the fundamental goals of your video and ensure its fit with your brand. You can then take this idea even further by making use of the latest technology used by our global creatives team for a talent-led, fresh, innovative approach.

Propulse Video Helps You Achieve Your Dream Result

If you are not sure which type of video suits your aims, we take pride in creating many styles of animation and a bespoke fit for you. We can convey serious messages, comical seasonal reminders, intelligent, educational videos and much more. Don’t feel the need to limit your creative ideas on account of budget; we create videos fitted to your budget and vision. If you really love 3D animation but the budget doesn’t make it possible for you to produce a video in this style? We can build 3D sequences in an otherwise 2D video, lowering the overall cost while retaining the essence of your vision. Or, if you really like live action adverts on TV, but the costs of sending a whole crew to dream holiday destinations around the world are too high for your budget, our many talented Project Managers can use pre existing footage from our database to give your video a big impact and a smaller price tag.

Video is Essential for Branding in the 21st Century

A video also helps to develop the face of your brand. Why not uniquely tell your story with fully-customised icons, shapes, backgrounds and characters? This will help to build your company identity, ensuring that clients recognise you instantly. You can also build on the original story of your brand, focusing on what makes your company and its offerings different from your competitors. By thinking outside the box and using an explainer video, you access a new market of interest. This innovation is going to continue to expand, so be first in the game.

Don’t Hesitate - Book Your Dream Video!

Last but not least, we can help you with all the above because we can make the complex seem simple. Work with our experienced project managers who have an extensive knowledge to transport a seemingly overwhelming message in a way that seems clear, concise and gives the viewer the just the right amount of information. Don’t let your business and message be overlooked; simply put it in video form and let the product speak for itself. Feel free to contact us for an introductory chat. If you are interested in learning more about the production process in detail, we also wrote a blogpost about that. Go check it out!

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