Creating Explainer Videos For Different Products

Creating Explainer Videos for Different Products

Explainer videos are a great tool to introduce, reintroduce, or simply to boost your product as a company. The combination of audio and visual elements creates an experience that your audience can enjoy comfortably and efficiently. The viewer receives and retains the information you intend to convey while simultaneously being entertained by an engaging video. And due to the many possibilities in the creation of video content, it is a great tool for many different kinds of products. There is a wide array of possibilities to adapt an explainer video to the product you intend it for. But what considerations should you make to determine how to adapt the video? What should you pay attention to when creating videos for different kinds of products? Let’s take a look at some basic considerations!

Who Is The Target For Your Product

Who should be targeted by the product is a crucial determination to make. In determining this, the perhaps first question will be if the target is a business or a consumer. As the way these two groups make their purchase decisions varies greatly, the right way to approach them will likely be different. While the purchase decisions of consumers often depend on the behavior and motivation of one person, businesses tend to pass the decision through multiple layers, which will make factors such as quantifiable value creation more important. Thus, whether your focus is on selling B2B or B2C will have a big impact on your video creation process.

In addition to the basic distinction between B2B and B2C, consider your target in more depth. The creation of a target persona can be very helpful in this step. The question is: What does your target want to know about your product? What value does it provide for them? What are the target groups’ concerns when it comes to purchasing your product? Which features and benefits will be likely to convince them? Knowing the target audience you are catering to with the product can massively help you in creating the video. Because when creating a video, making sure it will resonate with your target audience is crucial!

What Kind of Product Are You Selling?

The industry you are in will also likely play a big part in the creation of your video. The product you are selling is, after all, the key factor. A video for an online banking service will look vastly different from a video about cleaning supplies. An explainer video for an artificial intelligence tool will look different from one for a catering service. You want to make sure that you create an appropriate atmosphere for your product that enables you to demonstrate its features and benefits. 

The Complexity of the Product

When it comes to making considerations about how to create the best possible explainer video for your product, its complexity will likely be a major factor. How much explanation will be needed for your target audience to understand your product? You want to make sure that the viewer will truly understand the features and benefits you present, not just hear them. Thus, you will need to assess how much explaining will be needed. 

In an explainer video, you can put the focus more towards the product itself or more towards the reason people need it. If you have a highly complex product, you might need to focus more on explaining it and making sure that the viewer understands your concept. If your product is easier to understand, you can turn your attention more towards creating and enhancing the audience’s emotional need for your product. However, in order to feel that emotional desire, the audience must first understand what you are selling.

The Nature of Your Brand

In the creation process of an explainer video for a product, you want to make sure to express your brand in the video as well. The video might look very different depending on your brand personality. As the brand associated is also a crucial part of the product, make sure it comes across. Customers in the modern marketplace do not just buy physical products – they buy the brand and values associated with it. For more information on how you can transport your brand in a video, check out this blog post!


When creating an explainer video for your product, there are a lot of opportunities in the creation process. Thus, you want to make sure to choose the right way for your unique product. For this, it is important to consider the group you want to target with your product, the product itself and how it can be best presented, and your brand. These factors will help you in determining the artistic direction that would be the best for your product. When it comes to explainer videos, there is no real one-size-fits-all approach, because one of the main benefits is the individualization that is possible, creating a unique experience for your audience. Thus , make sure that your explainer video presents your product in the best way possible – The way that is unique to your product!

Videos offer a huge array of possibilities. Thus, when creating explainer videos for different products, you want to make sure to use them in the right way for your product!



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