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Crucial tips for a successful video marketing strategy

Video marketing right now is in a hype stage. But that should not be the only reason for you to jump on the video marketing train. So, why should you do it then? Simple, video marketing helps you transform your target audience into your clients. Thus it becomes an important part of your marketing mix. 

How can you start with video marketing ? We will help you through it with a Q&A

We can define Film subtitling as making the meaning and content of a film accessible to an audience that does not master the language of the video. Subtitling is one of the disciplines of audio visual translation. The other areas are dubbing, voice over and transcription.

  • Subtitling: the linguist translates the original script while respecting the subtitling standards. Film subtitles allow the translation of the lyrics to be displayed as text on the screen.
  • Dubbing: the translator adapts the dialogues of the foreign film for the targeted audience, considering lip synchronization.
  • Layered voice: this technique is often used in documentary films. The translation is superimposed on the original voice.
  • Transcription: A translation agency writes the script for your audio or video content. In the absence of a script, transcription of the source text is required before captioning.

1. About what topic do I need to make a video ?

A lot of companies ask themselves this question, which sometimes results in the easy way of just not making a video. But the answer is in front of you we don’t make videos about everything we want to explain but we make videos about what the client wants to hear.  

The base of the video is to be customer-centric. But how are you supposed to know what client wants to hear? 

  • Which questions are frequently asked?
  • What do clients say about their products, for example on events?
  • What do your salespeople hear about wishes, concerns from your prospects and customers?

With this you immediately create a list of topics that can be covered.

Imagine you have a wine shop, you know a lot about your products, but clients might want to hear something else, they might walk in and ask about all the new trends arriving. With that you have your first topic! “An explanatory video of this year’s new trends in the wine industry”

2. On which channels and with what frequency should I bring out my videos ?

Do you spam and bombard your potential clients with one video on all channels? Answer is obviously no.

For example, on LinkedIn, your network might be looking for specific tips, your Facebook followers might be looking for some fun. Playing with your type of target should not be complicated.

A golden rule is to have a long fully made video and share short, specific scenes on your different channels, depending on the audience.

3. Subtitles or not ?

Subtitles are always a good idea:

  • Because not everyone looks videos with the audio on
  • Because the message sticks better with the combo of image and text
  • And the major reason: because good subtitles give Google the chance to find text with your video and index it.

As we can see the last bullet has an impact on your company’s SEO

Now your asking yourself: but do video and SEO go together? Yes! If done the right way, great results can be expected. After all, YouTube belongs to Google, and Google can appreciate it best if you embed that neat YouTube video in a nice landing page. This is all achieved by having a perfectly optimized video on YouTube.

Good for your SEO’s

It is also good to know that subtitles can be used on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn!


4. Should I film myself or seek help of professionals ?

Companies with lack of time and a bigger budget always opt for professionals if they don’t have an in-house department.

Professionals always do it better, that’s only normal since they are the specialists and will provide you with the best results!

Going back to the wine shop example, you are specialized in red, white, or even rose wines you might not be able to manage a camera, microphone and then on top of that editing everything.

For video producers their wines are the microphone, the camera and all that comes with it!

5. If I am in the video explaining, how should I behave ?

Don’t worry with a professional crew they will guide you through it! But be authentic, be who you are you want to show your clients the real side to make that click.  Although telling someone to be authentic is easier said than done, practicing will be rewarding!

Here are some tips to improve and present yourself in a natural way:

  1. Mirroring, just like boxers, box in front of the mirror and shadow themselves, you will present your video to your potential client, yourself!
  2. When feeling comfortable in the mirror switch to a camera but the trick is not to film yet, maybe put the camera in front of the mirror to start.
  3. Re-watch your videos, we know it’s not the most fun think to do and some people might hate it, but it shows you small ticks you might want to adjust.
  4. And last, just ask a friend someone you know well to help you this will make you more comfortable because you can have some fun and be relaxed.

The only thing left now is to start recording!

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