How Background Music Can Shape Your Video

How Background Music Can Shape Your Video

As we often like to say in this blog, videos have a huge amount of possibilities in their creation. As videos are individually produced and customized, they have the potential to be perfectly customized to your unique brand and needs, and to your individual message! There is a wide array of options in this customization: The general style of the video, the design and specifics of the style you choose, the voice over, and many more. However, in this blog post we want to talk about a factor that – ironically – often fades into the background in discussions: The background music!

The Power of Music

Music is a great contributor to the emotional effect the video will have. It has the potential of expressing many things. Thus, you can use it in a great variety of contexts to amplify experiences of all kinds. Especially when it comes to marketing, this is a highly important tool. Marketers use this as a means to enhance the experience and create an atmosphere in which customers feel comfortable. As examples, consider these following situations:

  • You are in a mall and shopping for a party outfit in one of the retail stores. What will likely accompany you is rather upbeat pop music with a feel-good vibe. This is meant to motivate you to have fun with the clothes and enjoy the shopping experience.
  • You are in a fancy restaurant in chique clothes having dinner. What will likely accompany the experience is something more classical like a piano to create a comfortable and classic experience.

In addition to amplifying experiences, music can also have a general impact on consumer behavior. A study from 1999 shows that the music played by a supermarket can influence a customer’s decision for wine from one country over that from another one. It becomes evident that you should definitely not underestimate the emotional and behavioral impact of accompanying background music.

The question now is how we can put these insights to the best use in videos. Why should music be used? What kind should you choose? And how can you use it to add the maximum value to the experience the video offers? Let’s take a closer look at the background music in business videos!

Using Background Music For Your Video

The background music of an explainer video has a massive impact on the viewing experience. Together with the voice over, it plays a major part in determining the general mood and atmosphere of the video. It accompanies the video and leads the viewer through the experience. Thus, you should select it carefully. Used as a completing factor in the video, the music can be the final puzzle piece in the creation of a captivating atmosphere that keeps the audience invested and thus ensures the retention of the message you want to convey.

Accompany Your Video

Be aware that the background music, however, is meant to complete the video, basically underlining the message to ensure that an entire experience is created. This means it is best used with purpose and with an adequate weight in the overall experience. If there is a voice over, you want to make sure that the music does not overshadow it. The voice should be clear and comprehensible, not concealed by an overly loud melody. You want to make the music present, but not overbearing. 

Be careful not to let the music steal the show. You want to make sure it is not too crazy or too over the top. Remember that the purpose of the music is to underline the message. Using music that draws the viewer’s attention to it too much can take away the focus on your message. Thus, it tends to be better to use something more generic that does not demand too much of the viewer’s attention.

Underline Your Message

However, going a step further, you can also use the background music to more specifically underline certain parts and aspects of the video. There is a variety of ways to do this! Using a shift in the music can shift the atmosphere of the video. This is, for example, a good option when the video describes a problem first and then presents a solution. In this scenario, a more serious background music might drift into a slightly more upbeat and dynamic direction to underline the excitement about the solution. Abruptly stopping the melody for a few seconds can underline a break or a twist. There are many different ways in which you can use the background music to highlight specific points in a video. 


Check out these examples below to see how we used background music in different videos to highlight their messaging and engage the audience emotionally!

Bleckwen - Lending Fraud Solution

In this video for Bleckwen, you will notice a more serious tone in music while the dangers of fraud are described. This underlines the threat that is the problem. However, once the solution is presented, it becomes more upbeat and dynamic. Thus it engages the viewer and gets them excited about Bleckwen’s Solution.

Syn.ikia - Sustainable Plus Energy Neighborhoods

In this video for Syn.ikia, a sustainability project, the music chosen is very calming and peaceful. It sets a relaxing tone that highlights the environment-friendliness of the project by reminding the viewer of peaceful nature.

Audi - Automatic Service Request

The music in this video for Audi is highly dynamic. Paying close attention, you will notice how the music goes through slight changes throughout the video. There are also small breaks and changes when crucial key points are presented. Thus the music leads you through the video and ensures you pay attention at the most critical moments.

European Commission - #RaiseYourPencil

In the beginning of this video about an initiative of the EU to improve education in emergencies, the slow and sad music signifies the dramatic situation and its impact on those affected. However, when the current successes are presented, the music becomes more dynamic to express that there are advancements being made and that there is hope.


When it comes to creating engaging videos, the background music is undeniably an important factor to consider. Making sure that it fits well with the atmosphere you want to create and the message you intend to convey can greatly enhance the value of the video – taking it from a video to an entire experience. Being aware of the emotional effect that music can have, you have the opportunity to appeal to your viewer in exactly the way you intend. Thus, make sure to use this tool to you advantage. Create an experience that will captivate your viewer and make them remember your unique message!




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