How Do You Grab Attention With Video Ads?

When was the last time you watched a video on YouTube? Probably not that long ago and you were definitely not the only one on YouTube at that particular time.  Spain only has 2.4 million weekly visitors and is the biggest search engine on the planet after Google. And by the time you finish reading this blog there will be approximately sixty hours of new video content on YouTube. The average views of a YouTube video quickly became higher than that of a television broadcast. Due to the large selection, people are increasingly selective with what they want to watch. In the overview page they often already look at what appeals to them and what does not. Thus, to grab attention with your video, make sure that everything in the overview looks attractive. How to do this? We’ll explain that to you in the steps below!

A good title for your video

A good title is crucial to start of the content. Make sure the title shows immediately what the video will be about. If for example you are creating a series of videos then make sure you include the number in the tittle; “Team Propulse part 1” and include them to a “playlist”. The  Ikea home tour on YouTube is a good example. This series of vlogs shows people’s different styles and designs when it comes to decorating their house with IKEA furniture. IKEA did a great job when it comes to the title, it’s clear what the blogs will be about, different home tours with IKEA products. We can also see they are part of a series of vlogs (Episode 410). With this title you know what to expect and it is clear that there are more videos inside this category that might interest you

A clear thumbnail

The “thumbnail” is the first image a viewer sees before clicking on the video. Make sure the image fits the video and title. A misleading image will cause people to quit your video after just some seconds in. Using a great picture, however, is sure to grab the attention of the user and guide them to your video.

In the series IKEA decoration, the title of the video is; Apartment shared Space Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 410). When you look at the thumbnail you see a living room with IKEA decoration making it again clear that the video will be on how to decorate your house.

Write a clear description and use tags (SEO)

YouTube cannot yet scan your video for content and select it in the search results. This is the reason why we have to write a clear description that describes what the content will be. You could see this as writing SEO content. The better and the more relevant the description, the higher you will appear on a google search. Don’t make this description too long, think about staying around 200 words. Also, put a link in the bio where viewers can click on to obtain more info.

Use tags that fit your video. To see which words match your video, you can do a keyword research beforehand. When using the right “tags” you are attaching a “label” on your video so that YouTube can display it when people search for it.

Get likes and comments

The more likes and comments the higher YouTube will rank your videos in search results. A way to generate comments is by asking a question at the end of the video. Try to create interaction on your videos, this will increase the likes and comments. Thanks to this YouTube will mark your video as “interesting” and place it higher in the search results.

Advertising on YouTube

These days more and more companies opt for YouTube as their advertisement channel. The biggest advantage being the large amount of visits the platform has which means your target audience will certainly be present. 

The difference with TV commercials and advertisement on YouTube is that TV commercials often work towards a climax, then it goes down. With YouTube ads, it’s important that that ‘climax’ is right at the beginning. If the beginning is not attention grabbing people will often skip it when the timer runs out. With a successful video, you need to trigger attention in the first seconds.



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