Why Recruitment Is A Challenge – And How Videos Can Help You Master It

All companies have one thing in common: they seek to attract talent before it is captured by their competitors. But contrary to what one might think, it is not necessarily money that will attract the best profiles. To convince the best candidates, it is important that you understand what motivates and inspires them to invest in your company. In this blog post, we take a look at what makes attracting talent so difficult – And how recruitment videos can help you win over the right talent.


Why is your company have a hard time attracting talent?

Attracting talent , in other words, skilled workers is becoming increasingly complex. According to Randstad’s 2016 Workplace Trends report, 79% of HR managers admit to having trouble finding people whose skills match the job requirements.

The main factors impacting the recruitment process are the following:

Attracting millenials

Younger workers are more likely than their elders to change companies, and typically stay with an organization for only 2 to 3 years. Attracting talent in this age group most often involves bringing meaning to their mission. Millennials are more interested in how a company helps its people grow and how it contributes to society than in how much money they can make. 

Less candidates

According to a study conducted by SHRM, 51% of organizations do not have the volume of attractive candidates they need to ensure a qualitative recruitment process. The lack of an adequate online presence will often be the primary culprit. But finding more candidates and attracting talent is not as simple as posting your job openings online. More opportunities for job seekers means that their applications are scattered and your company will need to impress to attract them.


Less experience

50% of those who participated in SHRM’s study cited candidates’ lack of experience as the top hiring challenge. Younger workers enter the workforce with skills in different fields and industries than their predecessors (UX development, product design, etc.). Thus, companies are finding it harder to access more traditionally skilled workers. 

Fierce competition

Many hiring managers, especially in the start-up world, find themselves constantly competing for the same pool of talent. As a result, recruiting has become a demanding, full-time job for which few companies – outside of large organizations – have the resources.

To acquire the skills and talent needed for strategic roles and functions, they will often have to rely on specialized headhunters.



How recruitment videos can help your organization

Looking at these factors, it is evident that attracting skilled workers is highly challenging. Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining young talent in your company?
Well, today is your lucky day!

Because this article is about to reveal a very effective tool to change this situation: recruitment videos.

In fact, a study published by Cisco showed that recruitment videos were able to boost engagement by 800%.

When you think about it, this result only makes sense. Video allows you to stand out from other companies that often opt for more basic solutions such as written posts. Show potential applicants your dedication to the cause and improve your image at the same time.

Not convinced by the study? 

Here are 6 benefits that video will bring to your recruitment strategy

Humanize your enterprise

Opting for video, is a way to show how your company works in real situations. Using this medium enables you to show your premises, your employees, their actions, and their interactions. This will give life to your brand and make it more approachable. Viewers will see that there is an entire world hidden behind your logo, which could make them want to join you

Boost your visibility while improving your posts

Statistics show that job postings using video get 12more views than the ones who don’t. This shows that the use of video makes your job posting instantly more attractive to potential applicants. Moreover, with creating awareness of your brand within the targeted talent pool, you are actively enhancing your company’s reputation.

A better candidate experience and more applications

It is important that your ad explains your recruitment process, which can be confusing because each company has its own policy. 

The video helps to solve this problem because the candidate will be able to see your offer, which will make you stand out compared to the competition. Your ad will have more prestige which will increase the number of applications among which will be the talents you want to find.

Save time and money

An ad that generates a lot of applications will quickly find the right person for the job. You will have to spend less time and money on promoting your ad, and your productivity will increase. Your work force will be increased thanks to your new employee who will use the time you have saved by recruiting him, in turn, to adapt quickly to the new job you have given him.

Use your corporate culture

The culture of your company is considered a major factor for half of the candidates. Recruitment videos allow you to showcase your company culture. This is sure to attract candidates who are intrigued by your vision and they will be more likely to apply.

If you want to see what a corporate culture video could look like, take a look at the Propulse company culture video 

Modernize your recruitment process

We all know that young people represent the future of the active population, they are very interesting candidates because they can bring a fresh vision that will help your company to keep a touch of modernity.
This is all well and good, but you still need to know how to attract this age group. You need to show them that your company is able to connect with them, and that it is not afraid to adapt.
Guess what? The younger generations are simply the most familiar with video. Thus, broadcasting your ad through their favorite media will push them to apply for your open positions. They are sure to appreciate a company that meets them where they are at.



Want to find out more about how a recruitment video can help your company attract the best talent? Inspired to make a video, but not sure how to start? Propulse Video is able to help you on every step of the way. Our team, with all of its expertise, is ready to help you make the most out of recruiting.

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The possibilities are endless. Contact us now, and enhance your recruitment process with a video that is truly one of a kind.

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