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Launch Videos

Bringing a new product into this world is not easy. With a growing amount of products, it becomes increasingly important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Especially when it comes to launching, you want to make sure to get the target groups’ attention and convince them of your new solution. And how can you do that? – By using a launch video that creates excitement for your product. 

But why is the launch so important? How can videos help? And how can you make sure that your launch video will be as efficient as possible? Let’s start at the beginning!


New Products Through Innovation

In the modern marketplace, innovation is crucial. Companies are continuously developing new products, identifying new ways to use their existing products, and expanding and updating their product portfolio. With opportunity recognition becoming a more and more important field of expertise, this is an ongoing development.

In fact, we can observe a rapid increase in Intellectual Property applications across the board. The amount of trademark applications, for example, more than doubled between 2015 and 2020From this information, we can conclude that there is an ever growing amount of new ideas, new brands, and new products. And with many new ideas entering the market, one factor becomes more and more important for companies:


Launching Products Successfully

Especially the first people to find new products tend to be the ones that often look out for new launches that might be interesting. Thus, it is highly important to make sure that the launching strategy will reach the right people. It should resonate with them to the degree that they are fascinated by the idea behind the product.

In the fast paced and competitive modern marketplace, new products need to be launched in a way that will ensure that they have a good start into the market. This also means that there should be a clear, cohesive launching strategy underlying these efforts. This launching strategy should also include a promotional strategy that lays out how you are going to promote your new product to make sure to reach the part of your target group that will be willing to use your product first.

But how can you maximize your chances of reaching this group? How can you create awareness for this new product, and maybe even this new brand? And which tool in the repertoire of promotional opportunities can help you to captivate your audience and create excitement for your product?


That's Right: Videos

Videos are an amazing tool to support and boost your launch. There are several reasons why videos are especially helpful when it comes to launching a product. Let’s take a look at 5 key ones:


Videos Make It Easy To Explain Your Concept

Videos make it enormously easy to convey information. Using all audiovisual possibilities that the creation process entails, you can efficiently break down your concept and product to create an easy to understand video that will convey your message and let the audience get a clear understanding of your product.

Videos Can Be Individually Branded Entirely

Especially when it comes to marketing a new product, videos give you the opportunity to make the branding shine through. Use the color palette of your brand, choose a voice that you think would be fitting for the brand, and use it in a tonality that matches not only your values, but also your style. This will immediately create brand recognition and awareness, and thus help the people remember you


Videos Are The People's Favorite Way to Consume Content

Watching videos is people’s favorite way of obtaining information. They are comfortable and exciting to consume and can be viewed wherever you are, whenever you choose to. Due to the audience’s preference, it highly recommendable to make your content available in this format.


Videos Are Favored By Algorithms of Search engines and Social Media Platforms Alike

Since people tend to favor videos, they also tend to engage more with them. And search engines and social media platforms alike have caught on. Their algorithms tend to give videos more visibility, allowing more people to see your content.


Once Created, You Can Reuse Videos and Place Them On all Of Your Channels

Reusability is one of the main benefits of videos. At times, you might need to readjust formats. But you can theoretically integrate your video into your entire online presence. Most websites and platforms allow you to upload video content. This makes it relatively easy to share videos to all of your relevant online channels.


What to Consider For A Launching Video

Now that we have talked about the advantages of using videos in your launch, let us take a closer look at launch videos. As is the case with every special use for a video, there are certain considerations to be made when making it. There are certain points one should pay special attention to when creating launch videos. So let’s take a look at 5 important factors that you should include in the video to ensure effectiveness:


The Novelty Of The Product

In order to create excitement for your product, highlight its novelty. Make sure to tell the viewer what is new about your product, your approach, or your company, and what it is that differentiates you from the existing providers of similar solutions. In this context, a unique selling proposition can be extremely useful. Let people know what is unique and novel about your product.


The Brand - Create Awareness and Recognition

A launch is an introduction of your product to the market. Using branding, you ensure to create recognizability from the start. It gives you the opportunity to create brand awareness early on. In the launch, you build the foundation for your future branding efforts, so make sure to carefully but expressly introduce your audience to the brand. 


Make Sure Your Concept Is Clear

With videos giving you the chance to simplify and easily explain your concept, it is crucial to convey your concept in a manner that your audience will understand. The viewers should get a clear idea of what your product is, how they can use it, and what benefits it brings to the table. This is crucial for your product to find acceptance among the target group.


Ensure People Understand What Exactly It Is That You Are Selling

On the one side, there is the technical and explanatory side. On the other hand there is the elementary benefit that is used in your messaging: Is it a lifestyle that you are selling? Is it a feeling? Or are you perhaps selling the ease that comes along with using your product? This core message should shine through in a launch video.

With good marketing, you are not selling chocolate, you are selling a pleasurable culinary experience that gives you comfort and makes you feel like you are experiencing the deliciousness of Swiss delicacies. You are not selling a car, you are selling a symbol of a lifestyle your customer always aspired to have. You are not selling lines of code in a computer program, you are selling the ease and excitement that comes from using your solution to make processes easier and more efficient simultaneously. This elementary core of what you are selling is crucial. Thus, make sure it becomes evident in your launch video.


Engage Your Audience To Create Excitement

With all of the messages you intend to convey, make sure to remember that the focus of the launch video is to appeal to the audience and create excitement among your target group. This makes it crucial to engage them and to make sure that they are captivated by the video. Do not just create your launch video to inform, also create it to entertain. Use the opportunity to truly create excitement for your product. 




The Launch is a crucial moment in the life of a product. It will have a big impact on how the product will perform. Because of this, a cohesive launching strategy that will reach the target group and create awareness for your product among it is crucial. And while there are many tools at disposal in modern marketing, video tends to be the most effective. Videos can captivate your viewers and ensure they remember the experience you gave them, along with the information you provided. Used in the right way, a launch video can elevate your launch to a new level, giving your product the best chance it could have. So get started today to make sure that your launch will offer an experience your target group will not forget – A launch video that introduces them to your product and brand in a way that will fascinate them. 


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