Live Action Videos – Learn More About Their Use And Creation

Today, there are many marketing methods that can be used by a company. With technological innovation and the weight that the digital has, nowadays, new methods are rising including video marketing. It is so easy to convey a message in a one or two-minute video. There are different types of videos and some – especially live action videos – get our attention. Live action videos and movies have been developing for decades! But do you really know what ‘’Live action’’ means? If you read this post, you will find answers to your questions.

What are Live Action videos?

As mentioned in a previous post, live action videos are videos requiring a film set and equipment that allow the filming of one or several actors. These actors can help to create a connection, a relationship between your company and the audience you want to target. 

So, keep reading! We are now about to tell you in detail the creation process of a live-action video.

How to create THE live action video that will correspond to your needs?

There are different types of live action videos. Indeed, every video involving real people, real places … is a live-action video. Then, it can be an interview or a promotional video … 

The different elements that compose them, will be different regarding the type of video. However, the functioning of the creation process remains the same.

The script:

As for any creation video, the script is essential. No video can be created without it. It is your common thread! By writing a scenario you would be able to choose the way with which you want to attract and captivate your potential clients. So, Remember, the main objective is to convey your message, being unique and original in order to stand out from your competitors. And Look how lucky you are! We are here for you to create the perfect scenario thanks to information you will give us.

The place and the actors:

As there are different types of live action videos, the set varies and it depends on your scenario, on what you want to create and communicate. In a sense, there are no predetermined places and filming methods for live-action. Here, at Propulse Video, we adapt our work to your company and to what you want to show to your customers.

The same happens with actors and every element involved in your video. You could be the actor of your own video, if you are filming an interview (about you), for instance. On the contrary, if you want a promotional video for one of your products, you could, for instance, film people from outside your company whose reactions and feelings (created by your product) will have an impact on the target audience. They could also be influential people who can influence your audience and who will be able to move them towards your company.

To give you an idea of how different live action videos can be regarding what you want to create, promote or communicate, we have chosen two videos that our incredible teams filmed!

The set and production:

Once everything is ready, the filming set can start. Our team production will do everything, from the set to the video editing. We will let you know about the progress regarding your video but you will not have to take care of anything.

For a one or two-minute video, the time between the moment when our team films the different video footage and when we give you the video, also, depends on the type of videos because some videos require an amount of work on filmed footage more important than others. Indeed, while for an interview we will have only few footage to assemble with one another, for other live action videos, it will require several days of filming and then several weeks in studios to get the final result.

But why should you create a live action video?

All these explanations are great but you may wonder why you should create this type of video?

It is obvious that live action videos have a cost. To know exactly how much your video will cost you, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will provide all the information you need. 

However, the benefits you will receive with such video, are worth investing in a live-action video! 

As you may have noticed now, live-action videos offer a real perspective of your company, of your professional activity,…  Live-action videos offer personalized content that is not visible in any other video. Each type of video we produce is unique. Live action videos are for instance completely different from motion graphic videos, that as you may have read in this post, are animated videos whose content and animated design have been thought, designed and created by our designers and animators. 

That said, you understand that live action videos involve real people and places while motion graphic videos involve design and characters created entirely by our teams.

If you wish to offer a unique and special experience to your clients that they could not have with other videos – live action video is made for you! Thanks to it and to what it shows, your audience will be able to see, also, the human side of your company.

We are here for you !

You are, now, convinced? You would like to create your live action video? Don’t wait, and contact our team.

You still have questions in mind? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to give you more information.