Promotional Video – What It Is and What It Could Do

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Visual content is an absolute hype, if not already an absolute must. The social networks are booming, after Snapchat now follows Tik Tok and Reel features. Everybody loves it and everybody wants to be part of it. Of course, these are mostly the channels for Gen Z and are not "yet" used in the broader B2B context. But the visual presentation of videos is rapidly becoming more important for companies of all kinds.

One type of video which is appropriate and interesting for companies is the promotional video.

What is a promotional film?

A promotional video is a corporate video with the goal to promote your products or services to customers and prospects. But it is more. It also serves to transport information to its customers in the B2B or B2C area. Basically, the overriding goal is to sell its brand to the target group and to maintain the attention and interest from you audience. Thereby, a visualization of the products and/or services should support the message.

Which types are there?

There are various different types of promo videos. We at Propulse Video have specialized in one type, the Explainer product videos.

Propulse Video produces B2B videos in motion graphics 2D, 3D or film. Our team supports your business, communicate with its clients and get better results thanks to our video marketing skills.

The benefits of promotional videos - Why you should have it?

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Improves conversion rates

Videos are the best investment when improving the awareness for your business. Including videos on your landing page can help you increase your conversions by over 80%.

Better ROI – Return in investment

Accordingly, placing an explainer video on your website’s landing page will lead to an increase in sales.

More visibility on Google

Due to the fact that videos increase engagement of the viewers on all search engines. Thus, they are very much welcome. Put your video on YouTube and on your website and the rank in the search will increase

Credibility, Trust and Transparency

Video is a good solution to connect with your target audience, create a brand personality and deliver your message. Moreover, it is important to be remembered by the customers. Further studies prove that the purchase decision is substantially increased by videos than without.