2 Questions You Probably Have About Explainer Videos

Create to captivate

Let us introduce you to one of the best friends your company’s branding will ever have. Explainer videos are useful when you want to convey a message in a creative way.

Even back when we went to school, we all loved when our teachers decided to play films and videos in order to illustrate the class’s content. In fact, we already felt how much more stimulating and captivating visuals and sounds were, compared to textbooks. And we can apply this to our current business model. Even the laziest customers are likely to press play to a video, although they don’t wish to be too involved  in the opportunities the company might offer.

You probably have loads of questions regarding this new trend, so let’s answer the most asked!

Why add an explainer video to my portfolio ?

As mentioned before, visuals and sounds are more stimulating than reading big chunks of text. It definitely helps transmit your company’s values and move your prospects in a different way, which ultimately improves their perception of your brand image. Check out our post talking about brand awareness if you want to know more about this topic!

Explainer videos bring credibility : choosing the appropriate voice, tone and pace (see our post about the importance of Voiceover and Music) that fits the most your company and key message will only make it more trustworthy for prospects. 

Last but not least, the conversion rates are strongly boosted when using explainer videos, as long as your “call-to-action” is well defined. We explain what that means and how to achieve this in the following post.


PROPULSE TIP : We always recommend making the videos as short as possible, since nowadays people lose focus quickly. “Straight to the point, but captivating” is one of our mantras. Also, they are cheaper!

How expensive is an explainer video?

The price can be quite variable, depending on the resources and factors involved in the creation of the video. According to many sources and questionnaires, a 60-second animated video (2D) would cost around 3000€. To give you an accurate idea,  3D animations are more expensive due to the great amount of time the animators need to invest in order to create this content.

If you are interested in more facts, we will discuss the creation process in our next post and have a deeper view on the concept of call-to-action.

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