A Warm Welcome to the Propulse Video Blog!

A Giant Improvement For Our Team

2020 has just arrived and as the new decade starts, it brings with it a great many changes. Our company is also undergoing a big change, with Propulse Video proudly becoming part of the Transperfect Family. It is a big step that not only improved our customers’ experience due to the extended pool of talents we gained but also through the helpful industry expertise Transperfect brings with them – and for us, that of course also included a move into a newer, bigger, better-equipped office; helping us to produce an even higher quality and quantity of video content.

Propulse Video’s story started back in 2016, when young entrepreneurs, Charles Moriceau and Erwan Drouet, gathered their ideas to create Propulse Video. Setting up base in Barcelona, the company had access to renowned experts in design and animation, assembling an international collection of media talent. With hard work they elevated the company to the position it stands today. With over 1500 successful videos across a broad range of brands, we at Propulse Video look forward to diving deeper into the creative world and pushing dynamic boundaries once more.

Big Changes In The Video Industry

Although, Propulse is not the only one who has come far in the last four years – the world has constantly evolved as well. We are currently replacing traditional television with 24/7 streaming platforms and find ourselves on the eleventh generation of the iPhone – a device capable of shooting higher-quality video and images than most home cameras could in 2016. We use YouTube & Co more frequently and intensely than ever before, there now even exists a uniquely video-based social media platform named TikTok which is slowly but surely overtaking text-based Twitter and picture-based Instagram. Videos are more present in our lives than ever and it is therefore unsurprising that their demand in the economy has risen.

The market seems full of possibilities and so many different options – we at Propulse Video are hoping to share on this blog the best insights into our company, as well as top tips for our clients, information about our services and general information about the video production industry and our work. We are confident it will explain why Propulse Video is not only more affordable, but also more diverse and valuable than others in the marketplace. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, check out our next post to learn more about the choices you have with Propulse Video. If you now would like to go ahead with producing your video, feel free to contact us so we can schedule a first chat.

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