Recruitment Videos – The newest trend in HR circles

Video is a Present Trend in every Aspect of Life

Recruitment Videos are the newest trend. Video popularity grows and makes up almost 85% of all internet traffic these days. It is therefore not surprising, that this video trend also plays a role in modern recruitment. A company that wants to stay up to date with the newest trends should hence include video in their recruitment process. It is important to stay competitive in today’s market. To achieve this, you have to keep up with what other companies are doing – A recruitment video is therefore the perfect solution. You can show your company is modern and aware of current developments.

Recruitment Videos Improve Application Rate

When you publish a Recruitment Video, you automatically improve your engagement. Recruitment Videos, just as any other video, rank higher in search engines than other posts do. And on top of that, people also rather watch videos than read an old fashioned application. Recruitment videos are hip. Therefore people are more likely to pay attention to a job advertised that way. An attractive presentation and higher online presence leads to more candidates applying for the job. This then leads to a higher chance for your company to find the perfect fit.

Recruitment Videos are Good Publicity

In a perfectly designed and thought through recruitment video you can present your brand and company in the best way possible. You can highlight and express company culture perfectly. That way, it ensures that your applicant fits the team. On top of that, recruitment videos make the application process more attractive. This is something that can come back to you positively. Because even applicants can rate your company on business platforms and with a nice video they will do so to your benefit.

Recruitment Videos Save Time and Money

Companies with Video Interviewing tools are more likely to save money on their year to year costs for hiring. A video replaces a lot of other steps that would cost cash – And it is reusable, making the costs drop even more! This brings us to the next point: It also saves you a lot of time. You can produce different videos for different steps in the production process. You can guide the applicants through the process almost by themselves. This saves a lot of time compared to someone in your company having to guide that many people through the individual steps.

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