Meet the Propulse Video Social Media Networks

As you surely know, Propulse Video is present on various platforms in order to keep you informed of our new production, and to share with you lots of diverse content. Social networks being trendy and in the times of the 21st century, it was necessary to settle on its networks. Thanks to social networks, we can share with you our most beautiful designs, but also our best moments at the office and a lot of other things. It’s also a way for us to promote our business and our work !

Indeed, video, the heart of our work, is part of the 2019 and 2020 trends. Social networks are the platforms where you have to be active right now. Let’s go over our social media presence together.


The first network where we are on is LinkedIn, with more than 5 000 subscribers. This is where we are the most active, since we are mainly a B2B company. There, you can find designs, videos, articles… But also a multitude of information such as the presentation of our company, the job offers and the profiles of our employees. Click here to have a look at what we do.


Needless to say, you can also find us on Instagram. This social media being very trendy and very popular amongst young people, it was crucial to get acknowledged by this audience. Many companies are also present on this network. For instance, when it comes to marketing, creating an Instagram account becomes inevitable. On our profile, we share our latest work with IGTV videos, live stories to get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes, and of course, many designs from our creative team. The best part: every week, we post something regarding our amazing team, so you can get to know us better.

Come check out our feed !


Although Facebook seems to be an “old” social media, we still think it is a good way for companies to find us and get reviews of our work. Besides, the Facebook application remains present on our smartphones, and is still successful. It is also a good way for us to keep in touch with prospects ! We love to share designs, pictures of our teams, or our events. We invite you to join us on our Facebook page and give us a little thumb up if you appreciate our content !


As a video production agency, it was impossible for us to not create a YouTube channel. Indeed, on this platform, you can find the vast majority of our videos. We post as many as possible, so you can always come have a quick look and find some inspiration. To help you find your way around, playlists have been arranged with different business sectors or different themes. Through these multiple videos, you will find some regarding Propulse. These will be presentations, interviews, as well as the different demos of our achievements. Come watch them, give us your opinion, and subscribe !

As you may have noticed, social media means a lot to a video marketing agency like ours. That is why we will continue to share our achievements on our various social networks, in order to make you know Propulse Video a little bit more every day!