Making An Engaging And Professional Video Using Stock Footage

As you could have read in our previous blog posts, Propulse Video has a wide variety of possibilities regarding videos. Our design team can make beautiful animations and our film crew can do live shootings at any location. I hear you thinking, isn’t there an easier and more cost-effective option? Yes, there is! Let us introduce you to: stock footage.

Flexible Content

Stock footage – something underestimated in the video world. Although it is a highly valuable resource for any video! But what is it exactly? Stock footage is film or video footage that can be used again in other videos. Stock footage may have appeared in previous videos but may also be outtakes for previous productions that haven’t been used yet.

At Propulse Video, we have a great amount of HD stock footage available for any type of industry. From high quality shots at the production of pharmaceutical drugs, to instructions about online payment, everything is possible. That way, there is no need for a film crew, necessary equipment and different locations to shoot. This also means that your video will be done in a shorter period of time, which is great news for companies with a tight deadline. Usually, this can vary between one or two months, but our amazing team at Propulse Video can do it even faster if needed! 

Stock footage can help to complete a story a client has in mind. Imagine that you need a shot in the rain that fits with the story flow of your video. But, on the day you planned to film, the sun is shining… By using existing footage of a huge rainstorm, your storyline can be completed the way you imagined it.

The Perfect Example On How Stock Footage Can Be Used

Below you can see one of our favorite videos for a real-time sports sponsorship valuation engine, called POWA Index. They had the idea to make an explainer video for potential clients to show how their service works. We used stock footage, but we did our own script and voice-over. This is therefore the perfect example of how you can mix existing material with personalized elements.

As we’ve mentioned above, using stock footage ensures that there is no need for using film equipment and a film crew. For this reason, your costs will decrease significantly. This is a perfect solution for, for example, startups that would like to have a video to explain their service but don’t have a big budget for this yet. At Propulse Video, we can always work around your budget, so do not hesitate to ask what your possibilities are with the budget you would like to spend on marketing activities.

Are You Next ?

To conclude, at Propulse Video we do not only provide animation videos and live shootings, we also offer the possibility of making a stock footage video. This is the perfect solution for companies with a tight deadline and budget for marketing activities. There is no need to shoot at different locations, necessary equipment and a film crew. Feel free to contact us and maybe next month you will have a HD stock footage video for your business!