The Effect of Voice Overs

Voice overs gives narration to productions, which has a huge impact on prospective customers. Usually, this is incorporated near the end of the process.

The effect of voice over is such that it offers a way to create interest in the audience and diffuse information. For instance, the medias are heavily influenced by voice overs, as they have an ability to deliver important messages.

The Effect on viewers

A well-chosen voice over has the power to establish trust in the audience. It makes them feel more connected to the message of the video and enhances Calls To Action. In order to get the right tone, you need to clearly determine your targeted audience. For instance, an energetic voice might be a good choice for promoting products, while a calmer voice might better suit an explainer video or tutorial.

Moreover, the same voice over can effect different emotion depending on the content. Action movie films use deep voices with a serious tone, as it will create excitement over the movie and attract a precise audience that want to see a serious action movie. if you take the same serious and deep voice in a kid show, the offset between voice and message would transform the video in to a comical and satirical one and will attract another type of audience.


This is because voice overs are so effective in transmitting emotions in a message. For this reason, at Propulse, we take good care in choosing the right voice for the content we are creating. For this task we have the advantage of being part of TransPerfect, one of the biggest company in translation. Which as a specific service for voice overs that allow us to provide voices overs in all languages and all tones in order to maximize the chances of your message to be effectively received by your audience.

The Effect Voice overs have on you

The thing that you may be asking right now, is if the effectiveness of voice overs is also truth for yourself. The answer is yes. To test this, think about one of your favorite character in a tv show or movie. Since it’s your favorite, it means that this character have traits that you like including their voice.

As a result, we can say the effect of voice over is such, that it can create emotions in us, the listener, and that even if we will not all perceive the voice over in the same way, their effectiveness is undeniable.

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