The Many Different Types of Video

14 Different Ways to Use Video

One of the main characteristics of video content is its sheer versatility and the resulting opportunity to not only individualize the video to your company, but also to perfectly adapt it to your intended use. Not only are there many types of video, but they also come with great varieties within the type. Videos can be adapted to each situation and to each goal that is meant to be achieved. And since there are so many opportunities in the various ways of using videos for your advantage, we have decided to create a list of some of the most important types of video. So if you are considering making a video, check out these 14 different applications and get acquainted with the entire variety that videos have to offer!

1. Pitch Your Ideas

A Video Pitch is all about pitching your business idea to the audience you want to address. Thus, it is especially useful for start ups. This kind of video is basically an audiovisually realized, sometimes animated, version of the traditional elevator pitch. However, due to the video format, you will be able to reach way more people than would otherwise fit into an elevator. Share your pitch on social media, send it per mail, or simply show it in a presentation – The video pitch can be an enormous asset for your business when it comes to presenting your new business to various target groups – Potential investors, business partners, or even employees.

2. Explain Your Product

This is perhaps the most popular and most widely used type of video: The product explainer video! In this video, you present a product, highlight its features and benefits, and convey to the audience why they need it. While you should pay attention to expressing your brand here as well, the focus is clearly on the product itself. Explain your product and make sure to highlight the essence of what you are selling! Show the audience why they need a product like this, and why they need it from you! This kind of video is all about promoting a product, so make sure to captivate and fascinate!

3. Launch Your Product or Company

A Launch video can be created for the launch of a product or service, or even an entire company. When launching a product, the video will likely be very similar to a product explainer video. However, during a launch you want to make sure to put a bigger emphasis on the novelty of your product. The goal here is to get people excited about your product and to create anticipation for its entry into the marketplace.

When launching your business, the video might be similar to an image film since it focuses on the organization itself. However, here the goal is to create excitement about the arrival of your company in the heads of your audience. Thus, you want to make sure to create a stunning first impression that will make people remember you!

4. Bring Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

Content marketing is an evergrowing trend in the modern marketplace. In this approach, you use your expertise to create content for your audience that creates value for them. It gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, create value for your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your field all at the same time. And while you can use all kinds of content in this approach, video has proven itself to be the most effective. As the people’s favorite type of content, video is easy to consume and engaging to watch. Additionally, we know that videos are favored by search engine and social media algorithms alike. Thus, using content marketing videos in your online presence has the potential of boosting up your performance – by sharing the expertise you already have in an engaging format that captivates your audience.

5. Promote Your Brand

An image film, or brand promotion video, highlights the identity of an organization. It can include things such as the mission of the company, its values, and a vision for the future. These can be communicated in many different ways. Interviews with employees, explainer animations, or infographics, the options are plentiful. The focus here is more towards the company itself, rather than on its products. Thus, concentrate on presenting your corporate brand. Tell the viewer who you are, what you want, and why you do what you do.

6. Share Testimonies from Your Clients

In testimonial videos, you let your clients speak for you. Let them share the experience they had with you. People are more likely to trust other people’s experiences. This will give them an idea of what they can expect and what it is like working with you. This kind of video is especially beneficial if what you offer is either a pure service or a product that is heavily dependent on an accompanying service. It will feel to the viewer like they are getting a second opinion from a third party, which can play a big part in their decision making process. Setting up a testimonial video can thus give you a great advantage over the competition. As a cherry on top, it will make your existing customers feel honored for being asked about their honest opinion of their experience. 

7. Enhance Your Sales Process

Sales videos are designed to be integrated into the sales process in order to enhance the experience for prospective clients. What the video looks like in more specificity, however, is also a question of where in the customer journey you intend to use it. If you use it early on, it might be a great way to introduce the viewer to your brand. If your product is high in complexity, this might be a great opportunity to explain your concept in easier terms. In order to find the right point to integrate the video into your sales process, it is important to be aware of the way your target group makes their purchase decisions. This will allow you to align your sales process and thus identify the ideal point in which a video will bring you the biggest possible benefit. 

8. Use a Video Manual

Video Manuals are an after-sales service in which you explain to your new customer how to proceed with their new purchase. This ensures that they use the product in the right way and that they are aware of all the features so that they can be sure to make the most out of your product. As this type of video is part of the after-sales experience, the focus is less promotional, but rather informative. However, as with all videos, making your brand shine through and thus ensuring the alignment of this video with your customer journey is crucial to create a lasting impression in the heads of your customers.

9. Give an Update on Your Company to The Public

Was there a big change in your company? Is there big news? Or is there an important announcement your company wants to make to the public? Company Update Videos are perfect for this situation! This type of video lets you communicate the news to your stakeholders and the public in a unique and memorable way. This will let them know and keep them up to date about what is happening with your organization.

As an example, check out the rebranding video we made for Ask Locala. Previously known as S4M, this renowned provider of innovative digital marketing tools decided to rebrand itself as Ask Locala in light of the company’s tenth anniversary – A big change that requires proper communication. For situations like this, a company update video is a great way to communicate your big change to the world! – Ensuring that your audience is in the loop on what is happening.

10. Find New Talents

Recruiting the right talents is becoming more and more challenging. However, using videos in this context can be a tremendous asset. Creating a recruiting video allows you to engagingly present your company and what you are looking for. Presenting your company here can work similar to when you are displaying your company in an image film, but with a bigger focus on the company as a place to work at. Remember that the goal of a recruitment video is to motivate people to join your team. Expressing what you are looking for in an applicant will let them know what you are searching for. This gives them the chance to assess if they would be a good fit. Recruitment videos are a great tool for HR, because they make the position stand out from the crowd and engage the viewer more than the traditional text.

11. Convey Your Corporate Policy

It is important for every employee in a company to be aware of the corporate policies the organization has. Whether it is about safety procedures, the code of conduct, or organizational policies, knowing them is crucial. However, oftentimes they will not be read all the way if they are solely available in paper format. Thus, having them available as engaging videos can significantly increase awareness. Additionally, more information is retained from a video than from other communicational tools. Thus, especially when it comes to conveying corporate policies, videos are a great way to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

12. Give Insights Into Your Latest Event

Has your company had an event that you want to raise awareness for? Do you want to share some insights into the event and let more people see the experience? Then perhaps you can do so in an event video! In this type of video, you typically include some footage from the event. Sometimes you also include some interview clips further explaining the event. This can be a great way to share your experience with the world. Additionally, it gives people more insights into your company. If it is an annual event, it can also serve as a promotion for the next year. As you can see, this can be a great opportunity for your company.

13. Train Employees

Given the benefits of using video in conveying information, it is of no surprise that they are also very commonly used in further education and employee training. And with e-learning on the continuous rise, more and more companies are using training videos. Using videos in e-learning modules has tremendous benefits when it comes to information retention, learning engagement, and overall training efficiency. Thus, training employees with videos has not only proven itself to be highly efficient, but also highly cost efficient, since the training video can be reused an infinite amount of times after the initial creation and setup.

14. Improve Your Internal Communication

When it comes to internal communication, videos can be a great tool, especially in large scale enterprises. Keeping everyone in the loop on what is happening across an organization can be difficult. Thus, creating videos to help conquer this communication challenge is a tremendous opportunity to ensure information is passed on and reaches everyone. Using the opportunities that the creation of video gives you allows you to individually express the information you intend to share in a captivating way that will simultaneously increase the retention rate of the information substantially – Which makes this tool an amazing opportunity for communication!


Video content is a tool that can be used in a great variety of contexts. With all the possibilities that the creation process entails, there are enough types of video fort his medium to give you the opportunity to perfectly adapt it to the message and information you want to convey. This is also a reason for the massive increase in importance that video has seen in recent years. When it comes to communicating – especially with a large group of people – videos are extremely efficient. And with the sheer versatility that the many types of video offer, it is a great option that every business should keep in mind and consider.

Because there is – quite literally – a type of video for every situation!




We hope you enjoyed our list of 14 different types of video. If you want to find out more about how a video could help you in your particular business situation, contact us now! Our team of experts is happy to help!

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