Using 3D Animation to Fascinate Your Audience

Using 3D Animation to Fascinate Your Audience

2D animations can go a long way. They allow you to convey your message and explain it in a simple manner that can be easily understood. With two dimensions, you can show most things very clearly and abstractly . You can use any imagery that is created with only two dimensions – height and width. But there are times when these two dimensions are not enough. Sometimes you need a third dimension – depth. But what are the benefits of using 3D animation videos? In what situations are they especially helpful? And how can you decide whether 2D or 3D animation is better for your specific needs? Let’s take a closer look.

Adding a Third Dimension

3D Animation means using 3 Dimensions in the creation process – which truly changes the game. There are enormous benefits to using 3D animation. If created with care, 3D videos can look truly impressive and are very likely to stun the audience and create a lasting impression. The additional dimension also allows you to create a more detailed, realistic look which is especially useful when it comes to explaining complex matters.

However, one thing to be aware of is that with the third dimension added, the creation becomes more complex and time-consuming, which also means that 3D animation tends to be costlier. But while this is a downside to 3D animation, it can definitely be worth it. This largely depends on the message and the purpose of the video. Used in the right context, 3D animation can make your video instantly more valuable to the audience and ensure a captivating and memorable experience.

Closer To Reality

3D animations make objects appear more real than 2D animations. Through the added depth of the image, you can make objects appear as they would in reality. This also gives you the opportunity to add textures to the materials you are portraying. If you are using this to present your product, you can give a better impression of what it will look and feel like, thus creating more familiarity and trust in the product. 

This this also creates a heightened sense of reality. It makes the audience feel like the content is happening right in front of them, enhancing the psychological appeal. By making the animation seem more real, the viewer can better imagine the information and thus more deeply connect to it. This makes the audience feel better informed and thus improves trust. 

Enhance the Possibilities of Your Video

With three dimensions, it becomes possible to show things that would be hard to show within a 2D animation. This is because sometimes, things are too complex to show with only two dimensions. This would often require a further breakdown and might make the video unnecessarily complicated. 

However, some things are also highly impractical to film for a live action video. This is often true for medical procedures, biological processes, scientific demonstrations, or complex IT-topics, just to name a few examples. In these cases, filming the process would either be impossible, or the result would be very unclear or just not a good, helpful demonstration. 

In these situations, 3D animation is the perfect way to overcome these issues. With 3 dimensional animation you can show processes in depth and make them clear and understandable. Thus, using a 3D animation can greatly increase the accuracy and the value of the video, and thus make it a lot more useful.

Impress Your Audience

Another huge benefit to 3D animation is that it simply looks impressive. The time and effort that go into this animation style create a unique experience that is sure to captivate your audience. With attention to detail you can ensure that your video becomes a fascinating experience your viewers will remember. 


Depending on the situation, 3D animation can be an amazing way to convey your message. It allows you to more clearly show processes and make the audience feel like what you are portraying is really happening in front of them. With the addition of the depth dimension, the video will look one step closer to reality, allowing you to add more detail and explain concepts and processes with more ease. This will also make the information you are trying to convey easier to understand for your audience. As you can see, there are many benefits to using 3D animation. While it is certainly a question of what you want to convey, there are some situations where is just makes sense to put in the extra effort to create a 3D video.

Because sometimes, two dimensions just aren’t enough to depict a three-dimensional reality.



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