Using a Video Pitch to Boost Your Business

Boosting Your Business With a Video Pitch

When starting and growing a business, the pitch is an extremely important tool. A business pitch briefly describes the business, its concept, and the opportunity. This is very helpful when wanting to quickly present your business idea in order to arouse people’s enthusiasm. Especially if you are a rather new business, getting potential employees, customers, and investors excited about your brand and product is essential. Let’s take a look at how a video pitch could help you with this crucial task.

The Advantages of a Video Pitch

The variety of options the creation of a video gives you is one of the main advantages of this tool. One approach would be to create a video in an interview style. Talk into the camera and explain your idea with the passion it deserves! You could use animation to display processes, statistics, or details that you want the viewer to retain. Whether it’s live-action, animation or 3D animation – Make use of the many possibilities to present the initial problem your business aims to solve for its customers! The incredible amount of options in videos can be a great help when pitching your idea. Take advantage of the many diverse ways to convey the basics of your unique business!

Introduce your brand

This also gives you great opportunities to visually express your identity. Give the audience an impression of the feel and look of your brand! Allow the audience to get acquainted with your style! Letting the viewer familiarize themselves with your brand gives them a lasting impression of your business and allows them to get a better idea of which direction you intend to go in. Thus, you are presenting your brand and your feel to them, building up recognition and awareness, effectively laying the basis for a relationship with your business.

Share with ease - Over and over again

Once the video pitch is created, it contains all the information you want it to include. This ensures that in the pitch, all the information is conveyed – and no information gets lost. The video pitch will communicate your key points to your audience equally every time, without leaving anything out. This continuity allows you to be sure you do not forget anything.

A video pitch can easily be sent to and shared with the target you want to address. Simply send it in a mail or share the link and your target will be able to see it when they please. Making the pitch available to view is extremely easy with the internet. This lets you more efficiently communicate your message to existing and potential stakeholders.

Moreover, a video is easily integrated into your online presence for even further reach. You can include it on your Website or post it on your social channels and thus make it available for more people to see. As an additional benefit, this will boost your online presence as most algorithms favor videos, meaning that even more people will see your pitch.

Different Types of Pitches

Who you address has a big impact on what the pitch should contain and what key points it should focus on. Remember that the different groups you might address will likely view your business from different angles. Thus, their motivation to do business with you will vary greatly.

If you are pitching your Idea to potential investors, one focus point should be why your business is or will be profitable. Including estimations of your target group size, expected market development, and your strategy might be very helpful here. You want to convince the potential investors that your business has high potential and that they are likely to see a positive return on their investment.

In a sales pitch, you will likely put a heavier focus on the benefits you can provide for your customers. Another key point will be the problem you are solving for them. With a strong focus on your offering and your brand, the sales pitch is aimed at getting the target group excited about your product, its features, and its benefits.

Thus, be aware that the target should be kept in mind in the creation process of your video pitch. Make sure that you give the different groups the information that is relevant to them. That way, you ensure the audience feels addressed and their questions are answered in the video.


Video pitches are easy to share, comfortable to consume, and highly efficient in conveying information. They can help you boost awareness for your business, drive sales, and even attract potential investors. Deciding on a certain target group in advance will allow you to further customize the pitch to its needs – Focusing on the key points that are the most important to them. 

Videos give you a massive amount of options in their creation! This allows you to individually customize the video for your idea, your brand, and your business – which makes it the perfect tool to convey your unique pitch.


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