Using Videos For Internal Communications

Using Videos for Internal Communications

Videos are extremely versatile. Their creation offers so many possibilities that you can use them in a huge variety of contexts. Videos are an amazing tool when it comes to communication. Whenever you want to convey information, this tool not only greatly enhances the experience for the viewers, but also ensures that they retain the message you intent to share at a much higher rate than with any other medium. Thus, videos should not be left behind in considerations when it comes to internal communications as well. 

Internal Communications

The bigger an organization is, the more challenging it typically becomes to make sure that everyone is in the loop about what is happening across the organization. Is there a big change happening in your company? Are there new procedures? Is there an important announcement you want to make to your employees? Or is there simply a project that you really want them to know about? In these kinds of situations, internal communication is crucial. And what better way to communicate these sorts of things than an engaging video that will captivate the viewer and ensure the retention of information? 

Using videos can be the perfect way to handle these situations! Creating videos allows you to communicate the news to your employees in a unique and memorable way. This will let them know and keep them up to date about what is happening with the organization. A video for internal communications is a great way to share your big changes, important events, or the achievement of milestones with your entire organization, ensuring that everyone is in the loop on what is happening.

Internal Marketing

However, at times using videos for internal communication can have another motive than sharing news and developments: Sometimes they can be a great tool for internal marketing. Oftentimes when talking about marketing, the focus of the conversation ends up being on external marketing. However, in the modern marketplace internal marketing should not be left behind! Internal marketing is about engaging your employees in your story, your company, and your brand. It is about reminding everyone in the organization about the bigger purpose of their work and consistently binding them to the company and its values.

Employees are generally regarded as the most important asset of every company. Thus, continuously making sure that they can identify with the organization they are a part of is extremely important. In the modern marketplace, people do not only want to work, they want to work with a purpose. This makes it necessary to communicate and reiterate this purpose from time to time. Reiterate your values, your mission, and your vision to make sure everyone is on board. Creating a video is an easy and effective way to do so. With this tool you can convey your message in an engaging way that people will remember. In addition to these advantages of using videos for internal marketing, some of them will be reusable when it comes to the training and onboarding of new employees. 

What Could a Video for Internal Communications look like?

As is always the case with videos, their creation offers a wide range of possibilities in their creation. And with the different goals your internal communication videos can have, they will likely look very different from each other. If the video should be more about explaining a process or conveying other more complex information, then perhaps an animated explainer video would be the best way to go. These videos are notorious for explaining more complex subjects in an easy way that ensures retention of the information. 

If the objective of the video is more about being personable and building a strong relationship among the members of your organization, then it might be more beneficial to make a video in the style of an interview or a short presentation or speech given by an executive. This format is very good for making people feel approached personally, thus engaging them directly. 

Whichever format or specifics you choose, you should make sure to choose an adequate video length. With attention spans consistently getting shorter, you want to ensure that you do not lose your audience halfway through the video. Of course you should take the time to adequately express the message. Rushing through the content will definitely be counterproductive. But try to avoid making it unnecessarily long. The perfect video length for internal communication is just long enough to comfortably share what is meant to be shared. Try to boil it down to key points in order to avoid an information overload for the viewer. Ensuring a good and informative experience when watching the video will enhance its effectiveness.


When it comes to internal communications, video is an amazing tool that can greatly improve experience and effectiveness. Creating a video for the people in the organization can be a great way to express your appreciation and dedication to them, in addition to motivating them by reiterating the purpose the company is working towards. Communication within an organization is undeniably crucial. So get started today and make use of the most efficient communication tool that engages viewers, enhances retention and creates an experience for your organization!


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