Using Videos in The Sales Process

Using Videos in Your Sales Process

As an all-rounder tool in internal and external communication, videos can be used in a massive variety of contexts. The countless ways in which you can execute and customize videos offer a huge array of possibilities. But what can videos achieve when used in sales? How can you successfully integrate this tool into the sales process? And how can it effectively help you in driving conversion?  In this post, we will more closely examine how to use videos in the sales process – and what motivations can be found behind using them.


The Motivations behind Using Videos in Sales

Of course, the motivations behind using a sales video are diverse. Every situation is different and the way in which each company can benefit from video content varies greatly. However, you can see some general tendencies of why sales people use this tool. Let’s look at some of the most common motives that can be behind creating a sales video – and how they can be translated into the final project.

Explain in easy terms

One motivation might be to communicate a product/service in a simpler form that allows the audience to understand the essence of the offering better. This is especially important for companies whose products and services are highly complex. You want to attract potential customers and convert them. Thus, it is essential to create an understanding among them of what you are offering. Using a video to break down the complexity of your offering into easily understandable elements that highlight the key value of what you are selling can significantly improve the communication with your audience.

Captivate your viewers

Another motivation is to excite and fascinate your audience in a way that will not only impress them – but create a lasting impression. For this, video is an exceptionally good tool because it lets you give a multisensory experience to your audience. The voiceover, the graphics, the background music, the style of animation or production… There are endless possibilities to shape the experience you are offering. And this is exactly why video is such an amazing way to convey your message: because the creation of video content entails so many possibilities to shape and individualize what you want to communicate.

Introduce your brand

Videos give you a unique opportunity to introduce yourself as a brand. They offer a variety of ways to communicate to the audience what your business is about – And how it is that they could benefit from cooperating with you. Present yourself in the video and make sure to communicate everything you want the audience to know. Capture their attention and present them your vision, your values, your mission, and more. Make sure they remember your unique selling proposition that will draw them to your brand.



Using Videos Effectively in Your Sales Process

As we have now taken a closer look at what the motivations and goals behind using a sales video can be, the question is: how can you successfully integrate it into your sales process? However, the answer is not that simple: The optimal use of the video will most likely be just as individual as the video itself. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this matter. A variety of factors will massively impact the best possible approach for your situation. However, there are guiding questions we can give you that will help you in assessing how to proceed:


Will you use the video in B2B or in B2C Sales?

There are significant differences between selling to a business and selling to a customer. For instance: Emotions tend to have a bigger impact on B2C purchase decisions, thus appealing to them becomes simultaneously more important. However, B2B purchase decisions tend to go through an approval process, which is why using a lot of facts and showcasing competency might be of higher priority. Thus, whether your focus is on selling B2B or B2C will have a big impact on your video and how you can best use it.

What industries are involved?

Various industries tend to be quite different from each other. A finance company will be very different from a marketing company. An IT company will be very different from a consumer goods company. Considering these differences, two main factors become evident that you should keep in mind when enhancing your sales process with a video: 

Firstly: When it comes to B2B sales, you should keep in mind what industry you are dealing with. This will help you in finding out how to best create and use a video in order to match this industries needs and challenges. 

Secondly: Be aware that the industry you are in will influence what is expected of you during the sales process. The nature of the product you are selling is a major factor that will impact the strategy with which you will integrate your video into the sales process. 

How do your customers make their purchase decision?

Knowing your customer is key. It is important to know how decisions for or against a purchase are made among your targeted group. Are the decisions made on an emotional level or rather in an objective manner? Does an individual make the decision or are more people involved? How much time do your customers typically put into making their decision? And what are the arguments for your product they will likely respond to the most? Knowing about the main factors impacting your customers’ decision process is a great asset. You can use this knowledge to adapt the video to your target group. Highlight the features that are important to them in a way that will maximize the impact on their purchase decision.

At what point in the sales process do you intend to use the video?

Being aware of the process of how your target group makes their decision for a purchase is extremely helpful. This knowledge will massively help in assessing at what stage you want your sales video to address them. A video you show them in the beginning of the process will likely be very different in regards to content and call to action from a video that is intended for the final stages. Therefore, it is important to strategically place the video in your sales process. Showing it to the potential customer will give you the opportunity to address the motivations, doubts, and questions they might have at that stage – which will maximize the impact of your sales video.




As you can see, video is a great opportunity to enhance your sales process. However, there are many considerations to be made when deciding how a sales video is created and used best. You should first think about your specific motivations and goals. Then you can determine more specifically where to strategically integrate the video into your sales process. In this course, it is very important to keep in mind who your customers are, what they value, and how the process of their decision making goes. 

Using video in sales has enormous benefits – Make sure to make the most out of it!



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