Video Manual – Improve Your Customers’ Experience After The Sale

Video Manual improve after sales experience

We have all experienced this situation: You buy a product or an application. You open it for the first time. And you are overwhelmed and not sure how to proceed. So then, you open the 120 page manual written in precise, technical language and try to find the exact part that lays out the first simple steps – only to discover that this user guide explains them in such a difficult way that one can barely understand them. Let’s take a look at how using a video manual can improve that experience – To let your customers enjoy the full features and benefits of your product from the start.

Creating a Positive Starting Experience For Your Customers

As end-users, this is a very common problem people face after purchase. And this initial frustration often leaves a bad impression in the heads of consumers. In the modern marketplace, more and more companies develop and market highly sophisticated products and applications. Thus, ensuring a positive and smooth user experience is becoming increasingly important as well. You want to make sure that your customer can use your product as soon as possible, with as much ease as possible, and without errors or problems.

Creating a positive starting experience and avoiding initial frustrations for your users is crucial. How your customers perceive this set up process will have a big impact on the customer retention rate and how likely they are to recommend you. But how can you approach this? How can you easily explain the functions to the user without them having to read through your entire manual? And how can you create a smooth and simple way to introduce the new user to your product?

Our Answer? Introduce your new customer to their purchase with a video manual

Why Using A Video Manual Can Help You

Breaking the manual down into simple instructions you can share in a video has enormous benefits. Manual videos are an amazing opportunity to explain to your customers how to set up and use your product. Provide additional value to the users by giving tips and recommendations on how to make sure to handle it efficiently. This will be a great help for them to get started right away – taking the frustrations out of the process.
In addition to giving you the chance to explain how to use your product and thus significantly improving user experience, this after sale benefit allows you to create a personable experience that binds the customer to your brand. View it as an additional stage in the customer journey that gives you an additional opportunity to connect. It shows that you strive to provide value, even beyond the closed sale.
And there is another benefit: By using manual videos to show their customers how to best use their products, companies experienced a massive decrease in the amount of telephone support needed. This only makes sense, as the video manual will handle most of the basic initial questions that might arise after the purchase and explain their answers in an easy manner.

How You Can Use Videos to Introduce Your Customer to The Product

When creating a manual video, there are various styles available. Depending on the product and its nature, some approaches are more advantageous than others. Of course, mixing these approaches might also be a great option in some cases, depending on the individual situation.

For certain products, a simple demonstration that shows a person using the device or application might be the best choice. This will show the viewer how to efficiently use your offering in a very practical way. Other products would be better served with an animated explainer video. Animation is a great tool to use in conveying relevant information the user should have. It has the advantage of being able to show processes and features that would be hard to film. This is especially true if there needs to be further explanation or perhaps simplification to better understand your concept. For some products, especially digital ones like applications, it would probably be best to present them by making a video of the screen and explaining the use through a voice over. This will give the audience an experience that shows them exactly where they find what they need in the application.

As you can see, there is a broad array of possibilities to customize the video manual to fit your customers’ needs when starting to use the product. As is often the case with videos, there are numerous ways to individualize for maximum efficiency in conveying your message. And this is why they are such a great tool to use in introducing your customer to your product: because every product is different – And so is the video that best explains it.


Videos are a great way to enhance user experience after the purchase in order to make a lasting impression. They allow you to simply show your customers how they can efficiently and safely handle your product to get the most value. With the guidance from a good video manual, they can smoothly start using their new purchase and enjoy its full features and benefits. Especially for new customers that are unfamiliar with the product so far, this will create a positive user experience that will be very helpful and highly appreciated.


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