LinkedIn – How To Take Advantage Of The Algorithm Using Video

Use LinkedIn for Marketing 

LinkedIn is one of the best marketing tool someone who do business or companies can easily use to improve marketing of their businesses, search for leads, recruiting or get more engagement. Used properly and with a good strategy it can become a powerful social media to use.    

With LinkedIn you can connect your brand with over 660 million professionals around the globe.


How to get more visibility into the LinkedIn feed and use LinkedIn to improve marketing of your company?

According to LinkedIn,

The LinkedIn algorithm has two primary goals:

– To prioritize relevant content

– To promote engagement



Then we can ask ourselves, how to take advantage of the algorithm?

LinkedIn members spend 3x more time watching video ads than with statics sponsored content (photos, text, etc.)

Company page videos generate 5x more engagement than with other types of content.

It appear that videos are part of the equation and the way to go when it comes to using the algorithm in the most efficient manner on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, like pretty much every social channel, put a huge interest into native videos into the newsfeed, so better stop YouTube clips and start to upload native videos.

The more you are good at using the algorithm the better the leverage of your content will be.

It's why you should add videos to the content you create, concerning this, take a look at our article 

 There are three types of LinkedIn video that can be created;

1) The embedded videos, basically share a link with a video from another video-hosting platform like YouTube. This strategy work really well but is not the best. 

2) The LinkedIn “native video”, it is a type of video that you upload directly to the LinkedIn platform, this type of video auto plays in-feed so there is even more chance to grab attention from people. It is proved that this kind of videos is far more powerful than the embedded videos.


3) LinkedIn video ads are sponsored company videos that appear in the LinkedIn feed. Video ad campaigns have more potential to increase brand awareness and lead generation since they are typically served to a more targeted audience.


Make it Professional

A study by LinkedIn found that videos short videos reported a 200% lift in view completion rates (Source: LinkedIn internal study, 2018).

While most people are likely to finish watching shorter videos, long-form videos can be an effective way to tell a rich story about customer success, your brand, or an exclusive offer.

LinkedIn encourage to share videos with a high-level of quality to make new connections and creates new opportunities. For example giving an insider look at your industry, showing testimonials, your activity or showing off a new product your startup just launched. Having quality equipment and software for videos is really important and it is the key to create powerful and appealing videos. A good option is to take advantage of agencies in video production like PropulseVideo, concerning this you can take a look at our portfolio or you can Contact us

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