Video of the week – Syn.ikia

What is the Syn.ikia innovation project?

Syn.ikia is an innovation project within the EU Horizon 2020 framework. The Syn.ikia initiative aims to combat climate change and global warming with goals of sustainable development. These goals entail enabling the development and access of more clean energy coming from renewable energy sources for neighbourhoods and communities across Europe. Syn.ikia’s focus on environmental sustainability will effectively mean that the involved neighbourhoods and communities will achieve an immense upgrade regarding energy efficiency. The Syn.ikia implementation will aim to achieve over 100% energy saving, 90% renewable energy generation triggered and 100% greenhouse gas emission reduction.


Syn.ikia and Propulse Video

Syn.ikia reached out to Propulse Video because they wanted an effective way to communicate their project. As an explainer video production company, we at Propulse Video were happy to help Syn.ikia by doing what we do best. At Propulse Video we have produced a great number of explainer videos within the themes of environmental sustainability, renewable energy and sustainable development. Our experience in producing explainer videos within these themes meant for this project that we already had a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The Syn.ikia explainer video was produced by our talented motion designer Jordi.

About the Syn.ikia explainer video

The editing and design of the Syn.ikia explainer video aims to connote and express the values of organicness, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. These values are expressed in the video, by the predominant focus on natural elements and calm background music. The organic style of the motion design was made with a minimalistic and flat design approach, still keeping the color palette of the Syn.ikia brand present throughout the explainer video.

Why is the explainer video format effective for this?

In this case, the explainer video format is an excellent means of communicating the idea and concept behind Syn.ikia. With this explainer video Syn.ikia is able to increase awareness about who they are and what they aim to achieve. The engaging visuals in the Syn.ikia video helps to explain the somewhat complex concept of Syn.ikia. Furthermore, explainer videos are easy to share on social media which is also an effective way to generate interest.

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