5 Ways To Express Your Brand in A Video

Whenever creating content – especially in a commercial context – it is important to consider not only the message put out, but also what the content says about your brand and your personality as a company or organization. This is especially true for videos. You want the audience to receive a lasting impression of your business. Video marketing can be a great opportunity to express your brand in a video to build awareness and strengthen the viewers’ relationship with your company. In this article, we laid out five of the key considerations to be made when it comes to aligning a video with your companies’ identity.

1. Content

The first, and perhaps most obvious way to express your brand in a video is through the content. The question here is: what do you want to tell the viewer about you, your product, or your service? And moreover, what does the content you provide tell the viewer about your brand? It is important to understand that watching the video is a crucial touchpoint the viewer has with your brand. Thus, you want to make sure the content you provide is relevant, interesting, and intriguing to the viewer – and true to your brand. 

2. Tonality

After having assessed what you want to tell your audience, it is now time to assess how you want to tell the story. The tonality, in this case, refers to the verbal style you want to use. And this is a great opportunity to let your personality as a business shine through. Perhaps you want to go for a more serious and professional tonality, or a more lighthearted and casual one. Perhaps you want to be provocative, or rather just objectively inform the viewer. The way in which you put the content you want to present into words will have an enormous impact on how it is taken in. And this will ultimately determine how your brand is perceived. 

3. Visuals

When it comes to creating the visuals for the video, branding considerations are crucial. Remember that the impressions you are giving the viewer with the video should also be a reflection or your brand personality. This means that the visuals should support the underlying brand message. Perhaps a minimalistic design with a clean cut expresses your brand the best, or maybe it would be more fitting to go into a busy and dynamic direction.  Maybe a very expressive and flashy design is best for you, or you would rather go for a more reserved approach. 

While discussing the visuals, however, one must not forget the color palette. Here, many companies already have their corporate colors, so it would clearly make sense to make use of them. Highlighting the color to the viewer will improve recognition value of the brand. As colors are connected to emotions in the subconscious according to scientists, it would also make a lot of sense to assess the color palette used in accordance to the content presented, the tonality it is expressed in, as well as the emotions that are supposed to be communicated.

4. Voice Over and Background Music

The voice over and the background music or noises present additional tools that greatly impact the atmosphere of the entire video. The voice you choose to use should be fitting to your brand. Pay attention to the tone of voice that is used and make sure it goes well with your brand as well as your message. Find out more about the importance and effects of voice overs in this blog post. When it comes to choosing background music, be aware that this is a crucial factor in setting the emotional tone in your video. Well-chosen background music should complement the content and the voice over of the video in order to create an atmosphere that captivates the audience. However, be aware that – when choosing background music – it is crucial to align it with both the message as well as the brand.

5. The Ending Sequence

The ending sequence aims to create a lasting impression of the brand in the heads of the audience. It also typically contains the final call to action which is meant to inspire the viewer to act. As you can see, this part of the video is about more than simply rounding up the video: It is about making an impact that will stick with the audience. Thus, it is crucial to make the ending sequence stand out by making it captivating enough to remain in the viewers’ head. 

This is the last chance in the video to create a lasting impression of your brand and its personality – use it wisely. 

Conclusion - Transport Your Brand in A Video

As you can see, there are many ways to express your brand in the videos you make and let your corporate personality shine. The possibilities are plentiful and broad. Creating and manifesting a clear image of the brand in the users’ head strongly contributes to building brand awareness, client attraction, and long term customer relationships. Thus, make sure to use the various opportunities a video gives you to express your brand and ensure that your video creates the maximum impact for your business.

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