What Is The Ideal Video Length?

What Is The Ideal Video Length?

When it comes to videos, there are many factors that play into how they should be set up and executed. Thus, it is no surprise that the same is true for the video length. There are various factors that could impact how long the ideal length for your video is. It depends on many factors such as the target group, the kind of video you are making, the channel which you intend to use to publish the video – all the way down to the industry you are in. With that many factors influencing this decision, it can get difficult to find the right choice. In this blog post, we discuss the different factors that have an impact on the ideal length of your video.

Basics of Video Length

Before diving deeper into the topic, let us first establish some general facts regarding the video length. 

  • The majority of Marketing Videos are less than two minutes long.
  • Only a small percentage of videos goes beyond the 10 minute mark.
  • The shorter the video, the more likely it is that the video will be watched to the end. 
  • Capturing the viewers attention within the from the beginning is crucial.

With these basic points established, we already have a general overview. Videos, especially marketing videos, tend to be rather short. While there certainly are cases where longer videos can make more sense, the majority of marketing videos is short. However, let us now look deeper into the matter and see what factor play into the decision of how long or short your video should be.


What Factors Influence the Ideal Video Length?

The Channel You Use

The digital channels at your disposal to publish your video on are numerous to say the least. However, they also tend to work very different from each other. Targeted towards different groups, the various sites have varying audiences that might be very different from each other, especially in how they consume content on the platforms. A YouTube user, for example, may happily watch a video that goes on for 8 minutes, while an Instagram user will probably not give it more than 15 seconds. TikTok for example is heavily popular with the younger generation, where videos hardly go any longer than 30 seconds. 

Social media sites tend to stir their algorithms into the direction that gets the most engagement from users. Thus, if short videos are heavily favored on a site, the algorithm will likely push short videos because the developers know that this keeps people engaged. So when assessing the perfect video length for different channels, make sure to find out and consider what length tends to do best on the platform. 

Attention Span of your Audience

When you want to communicate with your audience by using a video on social media, make sure you adapt the length to the attention span of the platform’s users. What is meant by attention span at this point is how long the span of time is that the user is willing to watch without being personally engaged in the content. This becomes especially crucial when it comes to very short videos, like Instagram Reels or TikTok. If you have not managed to capture the audiences attention with the first few seconds, you will likely have lost it and they will swipe on.

Capture Attention Quickly

When it comes to videos of any length, one thing is always important: capture attention quickly and get your key message across early on, ideally in the first quarter of the video. If the build-up to your message is too long or you do not manage to grab the interest of the audience early on, the viewers will likely just stop the video or swipe on, depending on the platform. With videos in general, it is normal that not all people watch the entire video all the way through. Thus the earlier, your message comes across, the more people will hear it.

Different Lengths for Different Purposes

The length of the video depends largely on the ultimate goal of the video and the funnel stage of the viewer. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the level of investment and commitment of your target to your business. If you are trying to raise awareness and get your name out there, a short video might do the trick. If you, however, make a video for an audience that is already very invested, they will likely be interested in seeing more content and longer videos.

Consider Your Goals and Objectives

Be aware that the number of views is not the only indicator of success, nor is it necessarily a key one. In order to evaluate the success of the video, you should first assess what success of the video would look like for you. Depending on your goals and objectives, other metrics such as sign-ups, conversions, pipeline and revenue might be more relevant. It definitely make sense to consider the metrics you want to measure beforehand. This way, you can also make sure that the video is designed to push the metrics you want to increase. And within that design process is also the length. Thus, the ideal length of your video is also heavily dependent on the goals and objectives you intend for it.

Finding a Balance

Videos should always be long enough to adequately and comfortably convey your message. Rushing in the video will not make it better. However, you also do not want to make the video unnecessarily long, as this might cause people to lose interest and quit watching, potentially even before your message was conveyed. 

Track Your Efforts

Analytics are an amazing tool. Through consistent and thorough analysis of your efforts and their results, you can win deeper insights and optimize your approach. For example, you could use analytics to find out where people are dropping out when they watch your video, and then modify accordingly. If most people drop out at a certain point, maybe there is a reason behind it. Use the analytical tools you have at your disposal to assess performance and apply the lessons learned to future content.

Additionally, using analytics is going to be increasingly useful the more you know about the Key Performance Indicators that you are looking for. Thus, consider your goals and objectives first, and then track  their development. With this approach, you can optimize the length of your video to achieve what it is that you want to achieve.



When trying to figure out the ideal video length, there are many considerations to be made. As is typical with videos, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is a decision that one needs to make on an individual basis. The right approach is to factor in the different circumstances and the video itself. What is the target group? Where will you publish it? What goals do you want to achieve with the video? What are your insights from past experiences? These are questions that are important to ask. 

Making these consideration will help you to find the ideal video length, which you can then further improve through analysis and reassessment. Be aware that the length of a video is not a coincidence – It is a conscious decision in the creation process of the video. Thus, make sure to assess the different considerations and determine what works best for your individual situation and business needs.




If you want to find out more about how to create a video that helps you achieve your goals, contact us now! Our team is happy to help!

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